You can be the profile companies want!

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It’s possible to be the ideal candidate

You can be the profile companies want!

When we want to be hired we have two options. One; take a risk with the profile we already have, or two; transform ourselves into the profile companies want.

If your option is two, the first thing that you have to do is trust who you are. You have to feel that you can transform your profile, and become the ideal candidate. If you manage to feel this confidence in your inner self, you’ll have 50% of your task ready.

The next thing to do is to rearrange your documents, knowledge and abilities in accordance to the job you’re aiming towards. It’ll be a process where you take all that you are as a professional and apply it into what a company requires. Obviously, only considering what you’re capable of doing.

Maybe you want to venture into a new field that you still don’t know completely,  if so, you can follow these 3 tips that will help you define where you want to go and afterwards, create an impressive cover letter:

  • Focus on your area of interest: decide what you want to do, and from there start discovering the profile you’re aiming towards.
  • Learn the area’s language: every field has a different vocabulary, if you know it, you’ll be able to perform more smoothly in the job.
  • Find the differentiating characteristics of your competition: this way, once you apply, you’ll be showing extra value.

With all of this clear, the next stage will be the personalized modification of your documents.

Be the profile companies want
Be the profile companies want
  • Find out about the company’s and the position needs. The most important thing to know when you want to be the perfect candidate, is what they’re expecting of you, and what they’re not expecting as well, meaning the things you could offer them, even though they’re not requested.
  • Progress on your own. Always try to find out strategies regarding planning, organizing, directing, motivating, etc. You won’t imagine how valuable these qualities are in a company. While you’re in a job (whatever the job is) take the initiative and apply these strategies, that way you’ll have something to talk about once you write your presentation documents.
  • Fix your resume. After finding out about the company, you have to readjust your CV in concordance to it. Fill your document with For example, if you studied the problems the company appears to have, and you’ve solved similar problems before, you can include “solutions” as a keyword, and describe what you did to solve that problem. If you’ve been proactive, mention the things you’ve done. Always directing the descriptions to the advances or improvements you’ve achieved.
  • Attach a cover letter that shows how valuable you are. When you send your resume, include the cover/presentation letter (whether printed or digitally, they always have to be together). If you currently have a cover letter and you want to use it, you have to modify it in order for it to be specially directed to the company.

Do you remember when we talked about investigating the competition? This is the moment to include what you found out. Write about what makes you unique and make the recruiters need you as a worker.
To personalize the letter even more, include information about the company, as well as the information you discovered.

  • Be strategic when sending the resume. Make sure that you send or submit your resume in the right moment. This way, your resume won’t be disposed for being sent at an inappropriate time. If you email your resume, click here to learn the best time to send it. 

One of the most relevant things is the writing. It has to be perfect and attractive. It’s quite easy to list and mention events, but is a little bit harder when it comes to giving life to your words and making them show a piece of who you are. Your attempts must focus on trying to get the recruiter to visualize you as a part of the company.
The perfect combination is believing in yourself, writing about the company’s needs and finally, dedicating to writing neatly the documents.


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