Writing a Thank-You Letter after Interview

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Writing a Thank-You Letter Email after Job Interview

As we’ve already seen, a Thank-You letter is a way of following up after an interview. Just like the cover letter, this document is a valuable opportunity to “sell” your talents to the interviewer/recruiter. A thank-you letter is able to communicate with the company that you are still genuinely interested in the position.

The Thank-You letter works by reminding the company about your background data as well as your talents; furthermore, you’ll be able to include any detail that you’ve forgotten in the interview. Ultimately, a Thank-You letter shows your enthusiasm for the company and the position, which is a great sign of how proactive you can be, and it will have a positive repercussion on you. Don’t waste the hard effort you’ve put into preparing yourself for the job interview by skipping this important and mostly final step.

Now, once we’ve reviewed the functions and purposes of a Thank-You letter, let’s see how it should be written to make an effective impact:

Express your interest: Show your enthusiasm and interest in the company through this Thank-You Letter. Try to be as specific as you can when writing about the reasons you’re interested in the job and how you will be a valuable piece in the work team.

Writing a Thank-You Letter Email after interview
Writing a Thank-You Letter Email after interview

Make references and address pending subjects: A Thank-You letter is a great place to clarify subjects that weren’t completely covered, or answer questions that you felt were left unfinished or that you could’ve given more details. Take advantage of this document to cause a positive impression in the recruiters.

Stand out from the rest: Personalizing your Thank-You letter is vital to stand out, keep in mind that you’ll be one among many other candidates. Think about the memorable moments during the interview, and include them in the letter. When we are able to remind the interviewer about who we are, we’re giving huge steps towards our employment.

Highlight your experience: If the company has expressed its necessities, problems, or challenges to face, use your Thank-You letter to show them how you’ll be able to satisfy those necessities, and meet the company’s requirements.

Speak about your achievements: If the company has said what they’re specifically looking for, or you’ve researched the company in order to find what the qualifications and abilities the ideal candidate must have, make sure to find and write down the skills that you have that satisfy the company’s needs, or even better, exceed the requirements the company has.

Proofread and correct your mistakes until it’s perfect: Make sure that your Thank-You letter meets the standards a great professional has; you don’t want to end up making things worse by misspelling words, being incoherent, or having typos. You can ask someone else to check the document, as you might’ve ignored certain mistakes.

Read examples of Thank-You letters to orientate it in the right way, you can check out the templates we’ve provided. Remember to stand out among the rest of the candidates and make the letter as customized as you can.

Don’t forget to send the thank-you letter email after interview

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