Win-win: Hiring someone +45

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Win-win: Hiring someone older is an advantage everybody wins!

Did you know that the advantages of hiring someone over 45 years aren’t just for the company? All the parties are benefited; the company, the worker and even the staff.

The advantages of hiring someone +45 don’t seem to stop. Every time we think about this, we’re able to find more positive and new things to say. And no, we’re not exaggerating, we’re just showing today’s work reality. A reality that should and needs to be known by everyone.

Let’s think about the emotional side of this story for someone who’s been rejected more than once as a cause of age discrimination. What do you think happens in the inner self of that person?
If you thought about an issue of self-esteem, then you’re absolutely right. When this person is hired, not only does he/she feel there’s an economic opportunity, but also an opportunity to reinvent and show everyone that he/she is capable to perform perfectly. Its self-esteem increases, because he/she feels appreciated and considered; the employment is taken more seriously, as it might’ve been something that took a while to obtain.

Therefore, the employee becomes optimistic on its own, and basically, this means that there will be a better work environment, better relationship with colleagues, and better performance. A happy worker is a worker that is able to develop inside the company and achieve all the goals established.

Win-win Hiring someone +45
Win-win Hiring someone +45

Now, let’s look at the relationship of a mother-daughter, teacher-student, instructor-apprentice, what do they all have in common?
The existence of a figure that has experience and another one with the need to learn. The same thing occurs with a worker that has plenty of experience. Many of its colleagues will be younger, and even if they have some experience of their own or lots of knowledge, there are certain things that can only be learned over time.
A worker with more than forty years, can be a source of help to its co-workers, regarding job situations (advice, teaching abilities, tips, etc.) and also psychological situations. All the emotional experience this employee has lived could be helpful to whoever is going through a work or personal inner conflict.

Lastly, bosses, managers, or workers with some kind of authority also win.
Imagine that you’ve worked for a long time in an exporting firm. It’s very likely that throughout the time there you saw your bosses in difficult positions, and you saw how these obstacles were handled. If you find yourself working for another company, and you see similar problems, you’ll probably talk to the person in charge and you tell them what the solutions could be.
So, if a boss establishes effective communication channels, where workers could give feedback or even advice to them, an older worker could be tremendously useful.

Everything that was mentioned before summarizes in one word: productivity. If we see all the elements associated with hiring someone +45, we’ll find that each relationship that that person has in the company, will be a contribution to the production of this one. Not only will he/she contribute with its job, but everyone else will be benefitted.
It’s possible to state that if a company wants to succeed, it’s vital that it’s willing to hire staff over 45 years of age; candidates like them are substantial and vital for solid growth and development.


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