Win-Win game: Hiring young people

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Win-Win Game: hiring young people

8 reasons to hire someone young

Are you in your twenty’s and don’t know if you’re good enough to be working for a company? Are you someone who doesn’t know if there are benefits associated with hiring someone young? Whatever the case is, we can tell you that hiring a young person is a Win-Win game for the entire company.

We’ve always heard people say “Young employees are too immature, they’ll never be able to perform like an experienced professional”, and yes, maybe young people don’t have that remarkable experience, but they do have distinguishing and insuperable features that every company should take into consideration.

Hiring someone young is a benefit for everyone

  1. They put more effort into proving themselves: Young people know that they have a reputation once they arrive at a new company, they’re aware that it will be hard for them to be taken seriously, so they’ll fight to be considered just as any other worker, and not as “the new one” or “the kid who doesn’t know much”.
  1. They are more creative: They don’t see the world the same way an old worker does, they are free, flexible, curious, and trust themselves more; they are able to create, think and give extraordinary ideas like no one else.

    Win-Win game Hiring young people
    Win-Win game Hiring young people

  2. They’re on social media all of the time: Phone in hand is what youth is all about these days. Despite the world thinking that Facebook and Twitter are a complete waste of time, the users of these sites communicate with people all of the time, the fact that they read them all day makes them aware of what they want and think. If we consider that customers are one of the hardest things to predict, having an employer that represents and knows what the world is thinking is always great.
  3. Their knowledge’s fresh: The information they have acquired in their expertise area is coming straight from the oven and into the company’s table, ready to be used in the first project that the young employee takes.
  4. They learn fast about what’s going on around them: They’re constantly watching what their colleagues do, especially those who “own” their area. They are not afraid to ask or investigate, and they understand that a good way to be prestigious is to learn from what others do and improve their ways.
  5. They resist more: Extra hours? Working under pressure? Not a problem for young employees. All those nights studying, all those endless study sessions before the week of exams are going to be useful now, they’ve been under pressure, they know what it’s like to have little to no sleep and still have to get up and face a new day.
  6. They deal better with frustration: Young people know what is to fail more than once and have to stand up fast. An experimented professional can forget what is like when things don’t come out the way they were expected, and it’s much harder for them to deal with the situation and overcome it.
  7. They innovate without regrets: Tradition is one thing that holds back experienced workers, the fear of innovating and disassembling all that’s been built. Someone young can innovate without being scared of leaving the past behind; they leave old traditions and create new ones. They know that what a company need to be successful is to take the benefits from the unknown and implement them to the business. 


Each minute worked is a minute of experience gained for young employees. Even though it’s hard to get a job; once they’re given the chance, they don’t take the opportunity for granted. They prove to the company that they’re good, but they prove it to themselves as well.
The young worker wins recognition, trust, and experience; while the company wins a powerful, talented, and innovative employee.


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