When is the right time to send the resume?

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Sending the resume: Days and hours to send an effective resume-email

Is there a perfect moment to send the resume? Of course there is! Find out now when to send the resume to get effective results.

Sending resumes through e-mail is becoming a frequent method these days, in fact, there are several companies that only receive electronic resumes; this can be done over websites where resumes are sent through a virtual platform or by e-mail.

If you think about it, a single company receives hundreds of e-mails daily; so it’s extremely important to know when to send the mail so that your resume gets the chance to be seen and not ignored.

Days and hours to send the resume by e-mail

Resume Sample template for Business & System Analyst Architect & Researcher
Resume Sample template for Business & System Analyst Architect & Researcher
  • Monday: Monday is the busiest day of all week. Workers have to plan activities for the rest of the days, see if there are pendant tasks left from past weeks, along with answering mails, letters or applications that might’ve come in during the weekend.
    If you decide to send the resume on Monday, don’t do it in the morning due to the fact that workers are busy and will try to reduce their work the most that they can, this includes deleting e-mails that they don’t find important. Try sending it after lunch break (14:30-16:00 hours) as they will have more availability to check and respond mails.
  • Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday: These are the most effective days to send e-mails. It’s often suggested to send mails during 8 to 9 AM, however, this can be a huge mistake. Even if the inbox is checked during that time of the morning, many decide to delete as much as they can to have less job to do throughout the day. The key is to make them see the mail, check it and consider it; not see it and then ignore it. Prefer the afternoon hours, specially -as we’ve mentioned before- after lunch break. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 2:30 to 4 PM is the best moment to send an e-mail with your resume.
  • Friday, Saturday and Sunday: We can say that weekend days are the worst to send effective e-mails. The last days of the week are the slowest ones in the virtual world. The week is ending and there’s always more important business to take care of than checking and responding e-mails. Many companies don’t work on the weekends and some only do it for one day, so mails are bound to pile up during these days; on Monday it’s very likely that they delete all the unwanted mail and yours could be one of them.

As an advice, don’t send e-mails when the workday is about to finish (5-8 PM). During these hours your mail probably won’t be checked and will be deleted the next morning.

You now know when the right moment to send an effective mail with your resume is. Don’t risk being ignored by not using these strategic timing tips we’ve given you.

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