Typical summer jobs

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Typical summer jobs

Find out what the typical summer jobs are for: students, 45+ professionals, teenagers, retirees and unemployed people.

When thinking about summer jobs, it’s easy to believe that they are made exclusively for young people that want to make extra cash, and that the offers are very limited in areas that seem kind of unattractive. Surprisingly, summertime opportunities are greater than what you might think, and the best part is that everyone has a possibility of being hired.

  • Teenagers: Despite our age, we can all want to use our time working. It can be harder to be formally hired if you’re underage, but there are always viable options.
    • Sell things online. Use your influence in social media and sell products that you find attractive or that think might appeal to your circle of friends, family and contacts.
    • Take care of pets or houses. You’ll see that many families go out on vacation and don’t have anyone to watch over their pets or check their houses once in a while. See if your friends need someone or maybe one of your neighbors.
    • Teach younger kids how to study. Your knowledge in past grades could be very useful for younger kids that are struggling in school. Put an announcement before school is over and you might get some calls.
Typical summer jobs
Typical summer jobs

Working in a local shopping center, washing cars, delivering mail, fixing gardens, being a waitress or waiter at an important restaurant or being a cashier. Those are just some of the typical summer jobs for teens.

  • College students: Anyone who’s studied in college knows how hard it is to economically survive every month. Thanks to the knowledge you’re gaining, your work gets more valuable every year.
  • Open your own study center. Gather a few of your college friends, discover what subjects you’re the best at and offer services to the younger generations. You can sell them your notes, tips on how to study and face the new courses, etc.
  • Be a tour guide. If you know a little bit about this and you speak another language, being a tour guide could be fun and might distract you from all that’s been going on during the school year.
  • Sell food. The one thing everyone has in common is the appetite. If you’re talented in the kitchen, sell your food to people. If you’re in a place with tourists, try selling traditional food, if not, just sell delicious, fast and economic meals.
  • Unemployed and professionals over 45: As the positions available increase, the possibilities of obtaining a charge in a company do too. During this season, a lot of the staff members leave the office and leave their positions temporarily available. This is the opportunity that you have to make an effective replacement, make an impact and obtain a permanent job.

If you’ve had a hard time finding a job, you can surely benefit from this season to find it. Interviewers have more time on their hands to consider another type of profiles and are more relaxed when hiring staff.

Ideally, you should look for jobs in the places that you always have. If you’ve been rejected because they didn’t need more staff, you could now be considered without further obstacles. There will definitely be positions available in all areas, so you really have a big shot in finding a job where you want.

  • Retirees: Who said that it’s an obligation to quit working once we’re retired? There are many ways to make money in the summertime, and many clever ideas that any person with free time could use.
    • Be a camp counselor. If you like kids, enjoy the outdoors and want to have an extra activity this summer, apply for this job.
    • Help in the kitchen or be a full time cook. If you love to cook, this is your time to shine. Restaurants in the summertime require a lot of staff due to the increase of tourists and hungry citizens.
    • Sell your handcrafts. There’s nothing better than getting out of the country you visited with a souvenir. If you’re talented with your hands, take advantage of this season because everyone is willing to buy innovative objects.

There are work offers all around the place in this fun season. Remember that everything related to food, sports, tourism and outdoors will be extra demanded. So if you don’t find options in other fields, these traditional areas can be very helpful.

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