Tips on Dressing for a Job Interview

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Tips on Dressing for a Job Interview
Advice on dressing before the recruitment interview

Clothing is one of the safest ways in which we express our personality. It is also a visual and direct cover letter. We recommend that you present to an interview dressed as professional as possible, without losing your personal style. Even though an attire isn’t a direct form of body language, it will say plenty about you. If you turn up to a job interview dressed too casual according to the requirements of the position, you won’t leave the recruiters a good impression.

Most people don’t give much importance to advice about dressing for a job interview because they think that dressing appropriately won’t get them hired, and of course, it won’t, but it will help you cause a positive impression to recruiters according to your professionalism. Moreover, when recruiters or employers have little time to select candidates, they use “shortcuts” to evaluate candidates more directly. For example, a cover letter is used as a way of quickly checking out who you are and what you can offer. A resume is a way of shortly reviewing your background and experience. Similarly, the way you dress for a determined job interview will define its outcome, hence its importance.

The following tips will help you define how you should dress for a job interview:

Tips on Dressing for a Job Interview
Tips on Dressing for a Job Interview

Call the receptionist or secretary. It’s a good advice to contact the company’s receptionist to ask for a few tips about the attire considered more appropriate to wear to the interview, remember to mention the position you’re aiming towards. There’s nothing like getting advice from someone inside the company to get recommendations on how to follow correctly their dressing code.

Consider the company’s activity. If it is, for example, a corporative company, it’s advised to wear a conservative attire. Other possibilities would be:

• Finances: Remember that nothing is more precise and exact than managing money. In this case, you can’t allow yourself to have one hair out of place; it’s advisable to wear a formal business attire.
• Government: A good tip, in this case, is to avoid at all costs clothes or accessories that are too striking our scandalous. This is the moment to show how responsible and serious you are. Just a slight touch of color will be fine, moderate jewelry, and a sober hairstyle. Like in finances, a formal attire is recommended.
• Sales: Typically, a business attire is advised for a sales position. However, in this field, the product or service that you represent will determine how classic or stylized your clothing should be.
• Medical Field: This field is particularly demanding with neatness and perfection in clothes, as well as personal cleanliness. The advice is to choose formal clothes (white is advisable for your top), combined with perfectly cleaned and fixed up hands, nails, shoes, and hair.
Choose the right footwear. Out of all the tips, don’t skip the election of good footwear. For men, it’s advisable to wear formal closed-in shoes in dark tones, moderately shiny or opaque. For women, it’s advisable to wear closed-toe shoes with low to medium heels and tights, the footwear should be plain, with no ornaments or stamps.
Check your clothes. Before going to the interview, make sure that none of the clothes you’ll wear to the interview are stained, have holes, wrinkles, or unsewn parts.
Minimize the use of colognes, hairspray, and jewelry. It’s important to maintain a professional, sober, and serious image. The excessive use of fragrances will keep the interviewer from focusing on your talents, as they’ll be distracted by your scent.
You only have one opportunity of causing a good impression, remember that it’s better to dress more formal than needed than informal. If you follow these tips, you will not be able to fail.

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