The resume as a first impression

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Your resume will be the first impression

Have you ever heard people say: “There’s never a second chance to make a good first impression”. If you have, it would be good if you asked yourself: “Have I truly analysed the first impression my resume is giving the recruiters?”

The very first thing that the recruiters will have of you is the resume. The first impression you give them is based solely on what he or she is able to see written on paper or a computer screen. So take this opportunity and make it count.

Writing the resume is something personal. After all, you know your background and experience better than anyone, and because of it no one but you could put into better words all the effort you’ve put in building your professional career.

The resume has several purposes: it is your cover letter, your personal marketing tool and a summary of your whole work history. That’s why it’s so important that it’s well written, if it’s designed properly it can even be an opportunity to get a better job.

The resume as a first impression
The resume as a first impression

If a resume is over-elaborated, has a lot of mistakes or just looks bad, it won’t have any chances of persuading the recruiter to consider you as a candidate; not even if it has the greatest work background in the world. When a piece of paper is all you have to create a positive good impression to potential employers, every detail must be perfect.

It’s frequently assumed that hiring decisions are taken objectively and that only the more qualified workers are the ones that have chances of being selected; however, in practice, decisions aren’t always taken under those standards.

People in charge of hiring (a PHR, managers, department heads, etc.) are humans just like everybody else, and the human mind inevitably processes information more subjectively. Even small details can cause a strong impression to them, so putting a lot of effort in making an exceptional resume is unquestionably worth it.

Small details can create a strong and positive first impression

The bad news are that even extremely experienced candidates will be discarded if their documents and resume don’t cause a good impression. The good ones, however, are that if you know what to do, you can do serious and meticulous inspections of your resume and improve it until it becomes interesting enough to be considered for an interview.

Every job you apply to is a new opportunity to make a good impression

Each application you send will be a new and different opportunity for you. This means that every position requires a resume adjusted to their specific necessities. To save time, you can have a basic resume template, and every time you apply to a job you can modify it in order for it to satisfy the necessities that the position has. It’s likely that recruiters are more drawn to documents that are directly related to the company’s needs.

If you use the basic resume template you have and don’t modify it at all, it’s a signal to the recruiters that you don’t care enough for the job, because you didn’t even take a little time to personalize it to increase the chances of being hired.

It is your job to get the interview. It can be hard to make a good impression on paper, but it’s not impossible. It’s all about putting effort into it and making sure that a piece of you is written in the resume. Include every detail you think can make a difference and use a professional vocabulary, you will create a positive impression worthy of a qualified candidate.

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