The magic formula to professional success

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Is there a magic formula to professional success?

Can you imagine how perfect it would be if there was a secret magic formula that allowed us to get the job we’ve always dreamt about? We’ve all thought about it and maybe we were disappointed if we couldn’t find it. The answer is easier than what it looks like.
You are now about to find out if that so yearned formula to success really exists or not.

The first thing we have to know and be clear about is: What is professional success? Many people have the belief that being successful means becoming a millionaire. This way of thinking is wrong and exceedingly far away from the real meaning of success. There are at least 3 factors that can tell us is we’re being professionally successful and we are about to list them down below.

3 factors of professional success

  1. Find a job that you enjoy: It’s essential to find a job that we like. It doesn’t mean that it has to be easy or light. It simply means that it has to be a job where we feel pleased, with a purpose and with the feeling that we’re going to grow personally and professionally.
  2. Being satisfied with my job: one thing is enjoying our job and the other one is being satisfied with the Is my effort being recognized? Am I being valued and considered? Am I respected as a professional? Do I feel self-realized? If the answer is yes to all of the above, it’s probable that you are satisfied with your job. If not, you can surely find ways to turn the situation around.
  3. Being satisfied with my salary: after all, everybody works with the objective of being remunerated. Being happy with the money we receive is substantial. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a huge pay check, rather you feel that your effort is being fairly recompensed.
The magic formula to professional success
The magic formula to professional success

Once we have that concept clear, we ask ourselves: How do we obtain that professional success? This is the moment when we arrive to that little magic formula, does it exist? Of course it does! We’ve identified 3 key principles that will guide us on our road to success. We will call them “APP”, so every time you’re feeling downhearted or that you’re failing, remember this acronym that will surely help you out.

APP: The magic formula for professional success

  • ATTITUDE! How you face things will determine how they will work out. Stay positive, true to yourself, with self-respect, and with your head held high all of the time. If you’re struggling it might be hard, but it’s the only way to really do things right. So try your hardest to always have a good and strong attitude towards your job possibilities and basically everything in life.
  • PATIENCE! Many times you’ll see that things take much longer than what they should have. If you don’t know how to be patient, everything will turn out to be much harder. You’ve probably heard that good things take longer to arrive. If a job didn’t work out, don’t fall into despair because something new and better is surely waiting for you.
  • PERSEVERANCE! Once you’ve entered the work world you have to be persistent, that is to say, keep fighting until you’ve achieved your objectives. You might fall a thousand times on your way, but you have to keep on trying over and over until your efforts give you the results you’ve wished for. If you know what you’re doing and where you’re heading, even if the process turns out to be really arduous or boring, you must remain constant until you’ve arrived to the place that you need.

So remember: yes, there is a magic formula, but the person in charge of making it work is you. Professional success can be yours, go for it.


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