The Job Interview: Finding information about the Company

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Finding information about the Company

How to prepare the job interview: Looking for information about the company

It’s a fact that each employer will exhaustively go through your information, references, online profile, publications, graphology data and references before making you a job offer. It’s logical and advisable that you do the same thing about the information of the company. So, before writing the cover letter or resume, consider the best ways of finding information about the company you want to be a part of.

Let’s see the most important reasons why you need to find information about the company:

  • Determine if it’s the right one for you: You might discover that the type of services or products that they offer don’t really go with your professional focus, or that the work environment isn’t very attractive.


  • Help you focus your resume, cover letter, etc.: Knowing what the goals, objective, and vision of the company are is the perfect way to cover the key points and highlight your attractive characteristics in your documents. You can also find out and talk about the ways your experience will help them satisfy their necessities.


  • Prepare good questions/answers for the interview: Knowing specific information about the industry or having more knowledge about the company’s products/services will increase your chances. Don’t forget that as we’ve seen in the demo interview, one of the typical questions is: “Why do you want to work for us?” If you have enough information, you won’t have any problems when answering.


Now that you know how finding informatios about the company will help you, this is what you should look for:

  • Mission or philosophy
  • Public or private condition
  • The company’s owners
  • Reputation
  • Background
  • Clients or members
  • Strategies and goals
  • Specialization areas
  • Number of employees
  • Locations
  • Staff Politics
  • The profile of the employees
  • Compensations and benefits
  • Services and/or products they offer
  • Opportunities to grow inside the company

Now it’s time to analyze the options to find information:

  • The company’s website: Find detailed information about the industry, product or service, and about the company’s management. A good corporate site will inform you directly about the age of the company, its associates, personnel, size, mission, and other management details.
  • Search engines (Google, Yahoo!, Bing, etc.): Search in forums, websites, blogs, and online articles to know what others have to say about the services, products, or employees of the company.

    The Job Interview Finding information about the Company
    The Job Interview Finding information about the Company

  • Commercial publications: Find documents that describe or offer information about the commercial activity of the company. You can also find out about their contributions to science, technology, investigation, or social causes. Check information in magazines, publications, and newspapers related to the industry the company belongs to.
  • Professional Associations: Find out if the company is affiliated with any association. If it is, visit the association’s website to see if the company has a good valuation from the association, and how it’s a contribution to the industry.
  • Ads/Publicity: Check out any product or service that the company promotes in social media. The marketing information is an indicator of how successful a company is and how well positioned it is among its clients.
  • References of past employees: If you know an ex-employee of the company, don’t waste the opportunity to ask them why they left the company, who was their direct boss, and if they would or wouldn’t work for them again. This type of information is very valuable and will come from someone who’s had a real experience.

When you look for information about a company, make sure to have in mind your goals, desires, and ethics to analyze how they fit with the information you’ve found. Depending on the information you collected, you’ll know if you need to keep on making an effort to be a part of the company, and if so, find about the strategies that will help you achieve it.

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