Being professionally competitive nowadays

Being professionally competitive nowadays Being professionally competitive is a challenge every worker must want to face today; it’s no longer a requirement to be better, it’s a basic necessity to survive in the job market and keep up with it. Making a difference is something we hear over and over again, and in essence it … Read more

8 Ways to succeed with ATS

8 Ways to succeed with ATS or Programs filter job candidates The days of manually checking thousands of resumes printed and presented in paper and ink are over; Recruiters job has become easier, they have more time, and the search for the perfect candidate is quite fast in comparison to what it was 20 years … Read more

Be more productive in your job

Control your mind in your job Mental exercises and activities to be more productive in the workplace Have you felt like you can’t deal with your thoughts? Like if your mind was visiting a ton of places it shouldn’t be. It’s possible that we’ve all felt like that once in our life; the biggest problem … Read more

Do you have the profile companies look for

Do you have the profile companies look for? Have you ever let a job opportunity slip by because you thought that you weren’t what the company needed? It’s possible that you felt the requirements were far beyond your abilities, despite how attracted you were for the position; did you ever ask yourself what could have … Read more

8 Recommendations for writing your resume

Advice and recommendations for writing and presenting the resume Improvement is one of the main things you have to set your mind into when job hunting. You might’ve looked already for advice or recommendations to make your resume the best it can be. However, anyone could let little mistakes slip by. If you’ve written a … Read more

45+: 6 Tips to Professionaly Update Yourself

6 tips to professionals 45+: Have you been migrating professionally in time? A worker over 45 years old has probably been through an extensive road of work experiences. Possibly migrating from one job to another and with it updating its knowledge to the advancements of every day. However, there are many people that haven’t been … Read more

6 Qualities recruiters look for in a resume

6 Qualities recruiters look for in a resume It’s easy to write things on paper, but sometimes it’s not so easy writing the right words, especially when it comes to writing the resume and describing ourselves. When writing the resume it’s essential to remember that every job is different from another and therefore the needs … Read more

What to do at the beginning and during the interview

What to do at the beginning and during the interview We assume now that you’ve already checked out all the steps and advice we’ve given you to be ready for the interview; preparing your attire, researching the company and rehearsing your questions and answers. After all of your preparation the interview day will come and … Read more

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