8 Ways to succeed with ATS

8 Ways to succeed with ATS or Programs filter job candidates The days of manually checking thousands of resumes printed and presented in paper and ink are over; Recruiters job has become easier, they have more time, and the search for the perfect candidate is quite fast in comparison to what it was 20 years … Read more

Typical summer jobs

Typical summer jobs Find out what the typical summer jobs are for: students, 45+ professionals, teenagers, retirees and unemployed people. When thinking about summer jobs, it’s easy to believe that they are made exclusively for young people that want to make extra cash, and that the offers are very limited in areas that seem kind … Read more

Future Sustainable jobs

Sustainable jobs and their future One of our tasks as workers is being proactive and taking control of our professional situation. If you have been unemployed for a long time, it’s time to take the situation in your own hands and start looking for other possibilities. It frequently occurs that workers lose job opportunities because … Read more

100+ freelance work offers

Find here 100+ freelance work offers For those who “freelance” is their way of life, we provide a list of “fresh” proposals to be updated and concrete the next job opportunity. For you who want to work from home, for you to manage your time easily, for you to earn an extra income, for you … Read more