What will I be asked in the job interview?

Frequently asked questions in the job interview Are you graduating college and want to work? Are you still studying but want to find a job? Maybe you are the first in your class or you’ve received a job offer while still studying, you’re probably having some doubts that might make you nervous before the interview, doubts that … Read more

Increase your chances of being called to the job interview

How do resume selection program work? Before calling a candidate to a job interview, the professionals in charge of selecting the resumes, inspect the documents intensively and/or selectively. They’re only interested in those documents that have what they are looking for; understanding how the procedure works might help you have a better perspective of how … Read more

Is the interviewer a Professional?

What should we pay attention to when the interviewer is a Professional in Human Resources and when he’s not? In a job interview we might find different types of interviewers, in this opportunity we’ll analyse the differences that we should consider when the person in charge is a PHR and when he’s not. All interviewer’s … Read more