The Job Interview: Finding information about the Company

Finding information about the Company How to prepare the job interview: Looking for information about the company It’s a fact that each employer will exhaustively go through your information, references, online profile, publications, graphology data and references before making you a job offer. It’s logical and advisable that you do the same thing about the … Read more

Demo practice: job interview questions

Classic questions: practice with a demo interview Demo practice, classic questions in the job interview experience by answering similar questions to the ones you’ll be asked. You can do this interview with the help of a friend or relative, however, there are several companies that offer professional services of demo interviews. You can also record … Read more

Writing a Thank-You Letter after Interview

Writing a Thank-You Letter Email after Job Interview As we’ve already seen, a Thank-You letter is a way of following up after an interview. Just like the cover letter, this document is a valuable opportunity to “sell” your talents to the interviewer/recruiter. A thank-you letter is able to communicate with the company that you are still genuinely interested … Read more

Appearance in an interview is fundamental

Looking good in the interview Appearance in an interview is fundamental to get a job We always want to dress nice, be impeccably prepared for the occasion, and produce a visual impact on the recruiters. Looking good at the job interview can be seen as a type of test that we must ace. It’s not … Read more

5 Questions and Doubts in the interview

Questions and Doubts in the interview Did you ever wonder: “Should I be asking questions in an interview?” Generally when the interview is about to finish you’ll be asked if you have any doubts or questions regarding the job. The common thing to do is basically say “No, I feel everything has been covered”; people … Read more

How to say goodbye in an interview?

Closing and saying goodbye in the interview How to say goodbye in an interview? Once all the doubts and questions are clear the interviewer can add some final comments, summing up all that’s been talked about throughout the interview. If you think that it’s appropriate you can speak about one your skills and talents and … Read more