6 Qualities recruiters look for in a resume

6 Qualities recruiters look for in a resume It’s easy to write things on paper, but sometimes it’s not so easy writing the right words, especially when it comes to writing the resume and describing ourselves. When writing the resume it’s essential to remember that every job is different from another and therefore the needs … Read more


How to start writing a resume? Useful tips to write the resume There are several tips that will help you start writing a good resume. Before you begin writing it, it’s important that you take a look to all your work background, that way you’ll start off in the right path. Take some paper and … Read more

How to improve your resume

How to improve your resume If you haven’t been successful in your job applications you’re probably wondering what you’re doing wrong. It’s important to always present an optimized resume. In order for you to do that, you have to be constantly searching for mistakes and correcting them. First of all, you have to take all … Read more

Purposes and goals of the resume

Purposes and goals of the resume Many people get the purpose and the goals of sending a resume wrong. They assume that because they need the job so badly, the goal of the resume is to get the job, but that is quite wrong. The goal of the resume isn’t to get the job, but … Read more

When is the right time to send the resume?

Sending the resume: Days and hours to send an effective resume-email Is there a perfect moment to send the resume? Of course there is! Find out now when to send the resume to get effective results. Sending resumes through e-mail is becoming a frequent method these days, in fact, there are several companies that only … Read more