Consult a career counselor

Who need to Consult a career counselor

Consult a career counselor to improve your possibilities of get a job Throughout our professional career, we might find ourselves in situations where we can obtain great benefits from an impartial and equable advice. Maybe we’re in the process of choosing a career, deciding whether we should change our profession, wanting to reintegrate into the … Read more

Job life: Changing your career-profession

Job life: Changing your career-profession at 40-45 After working an entire life in the same thing, we might want to breathe a new professional air, refresh our knowledge and start living new and improved work stage. Daring to do it is the first step and the most important one, we can do it if we … Read more

Win-Win game: Hiring young people

Win-Win Game: hiring young people 8 reasons to hire someone young Are you in your twenty’s and don’t know if you’re good enough to be working for a company? Are you someone who doesn’t know if there are benefits associated with hiring someone young? Whatever the case is, we can tell you that hiring a … Read more

Win-win: Hiring someone +45

Win-win: Hiring someone older is an advantage everybody wins! Did you know that the advantages of hiring someone over 45 years aren’t just for the company? All the parties are benefited; the company, the worker and even the staff. The advantages of hiring someone +45 don’t seem to stop. Every time we think about this, … Read more

Are you job hunting correctly?

Finding a job is also up to you We all wish we could go to sleep and wake up with our inbox full of job offers and some missed calls in our voicemail from the company of our dreams. Unfortunately, finding a job is a huge challenge and to do it, your participation will be … Read more

Do you have the profile companies look for

Do you have the profile companies look for? Have you ever let a job opportunity slip by because you thought that you weren’t what the company needed? It’s possible that you felt the requirements were far beyond your abilities, despite how attracted you were for the position; did you ever ask yourself what could have … Read more

Professions with no language?

Are there professions with no language? What are they? Searching for a job without speaking its language can be one of the most frustrating experiences that a person can live throughout its work life. The situation could get even worse if the job hunt continues without being able to have an effective communication, impacting directly … Read more