Being professionally competitive nowadays

Being professionally competitive nowadays Being professionally competitive is a challenge every worker must want to face today; it’s no longer a requirement to be better, it’s a basic necessity to survive in the job market and keep up with it. Making a difference is something we hear over and over again, and in essence it … Read more

The resume as a first impression

Your resume will be the first impression Have you ever heard people say: “There’s never a second chance to make a good first impression”. If you have, it would be good if you asked yourself: “Have I truly analysed the first impression my resume is giving the recruiters?” The very first thing that the recruiters … Read more

8 tips: Dressing for an interview

Dressing for an interview: Image and Professional Attire for a job interview It is a fact that many struggle finding the right clothes to wear for an interview. It is, after all, the first time you will walk through the doors of the company you want to work for. But you are not to worry, … Read more