You can make money on the web

Affiliates: Earn money with internet Are you unoccupied? Do you have free time? Want to do extra money? With little knowledge you can make money on the web Who said that being unemployed is a reason to stop producing money? There’s a very effective way to use your free time to make money. If you’re … Read more

The Job Interview: Finding information about the Company

Finding information about the Company How to prepare the job interview: Looking for information about the company It’s a fact that each employer will exhaustively go through your information, references, online profile, publications, graphology data and references before making you a job offer. It’s logical and advisable that you do the same thing about the … Read more

Job life: Changing your career-profession

Job life: Changing your career-profession at 40-45 After working an entire life in the same thing, we might want to breathe a new professional air, refresh our knowledge and start living new and improved work stage. Daring to do it is the first step and the most important one, we can do it if we … Read more

Being professionally competitive nowadays

Being professionally competitive nowadays Being professionally competitive is a challenge every worker must want to face today; it’s no longer a requirement to be better, it’s a basic necessity to survive in the job market and keep up with it. Making a difference is something we hear over and over again, and in essence it … Read more

Future with too many employees

Are we living in a society with too many employees and entrepreneurs? What do you think when a new electronic gadget is launched in the market? Maybe you feel impressed or want to have the product in your hands as soon as possible. The age of the machines is among us and here to stay … Read more

Is the problem the age or our value?

45+ Why am I not being hired? Is the problem the age or our value? In the site we’ve already analyzed the tough situations that people past 40 are facing nowadays. It’s still an existential question the reason/s why employers won’t consider these workers even if they know the advantages that hiring someone over 45 … Read more

Be more productive in your job

Control your mind in your job Mental exercises and activities to be more productive in the workplace Have you felt like you can’t deal with your thoughts? Like if your mind was visiting a ton of places it shouldn’t be. It’s possible that we’ve all felt like that once in our life; the biggest problem … Read more

Win-win: Hiring someone +45

Win-win: Hiring someone older is an advantage everybody wins! Did you know that the advantages of hiring someone over 45 years aren’t just for the company? All the parties are benefited; the company, the worker and even the staff. The advantages of hiring someone +45 don’t seem to stop. Every time we think about this, … Read more