Sustainable Careers a new job opportunity

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Sustainable Careers are growing very fast and getting bigger every day!

Are you interested in the environment? Are you about to go to university and still don’t know what career to choose? Maybe you haven’t found many options or you’re a little bit lost.
If this is your case, don’t worry, now you can see other alternatives and perhaps one of them could be your ideal career.

A few decades ago, the term “ecology” wasn’t very integrated into the world’s culture, let alone studying options. Now, as we face so many environmental problems, the word has become something very well-known and there’s a field of study that is growing very fast and getting bigger every day.

There are some careers that are basically strictly about the environment and the care for it. However, some new careers that offer a mixture between “classic” careers and sustainable ones, have gotten more popular nowadays. We’ll be speaking about them both.

List of green career choices:

Sustainable Careers
Sustainable Careers
  • Environmental Science: It’s a career that basically specializes students in the environmental field so that they’re able to analyse different situations and offer sustainable solutions to them, considering different factors of many sciences, such as biology, chemistry geography, and others.
  • Geology: The most accurate translation from the Greek would be “study of the earth”, and that is mainly what it’s about. It explores how the earth is composed and how it evolves as time passes by. A professional has plenty of opportunities in mining countries and those who produce oil or natural gas.
    People who study this have to be passionate about the study of the earth; they will have to be on field investigating and many times they’ll have to travel to different places. They can determine if projects are sustainable or not and how they will impact on climate change.
  • Marine Sciences: It studies the oceans and how the actions we take can affect the chemistry of it. Professionals will be capable of anticipating to future situations occurring in the sea and offer solutions to companies working near the shores or in coastal zones.

Now, the following careers are ones that have been combined with sustainable development, but have a classical background.

  • Ecotourism: This career has been getting more popular these days. Ecology –just as the rest of these careers- is what makes the difference. Tourism is presented differently, where the most important thing to do is to achieve that touristic activities have the lowest impact on earth, so that they don’t affect different species or communities nearby. It’s somehow the conversion of tourism as we know it, to a conscious and sustainable one.
  • Ecoinformatics: This is actually a career that isn’t very well-known, but it is perfect for those who love computing, maths, and care for the environment. It’s about accelerating the informatics procedures (generation of algorithms, software, etc.) to give sustainable solutions in the shortest amount of time.
  • Sustainable Environmental Design: It focuses on using building resources strategically to avoid causing impacts on ecosystems and the environment in general, that way all that is built can cause a positive effect on the environment sustainably speaking.
  • Sustainable Business: Business can be a part of a greener world as well. Someone with studies in this area will be able to create a company that produces little to none environmental impacts, and all its procedures will be strictly guided by eco-friendly policies.

If you still haven’t considered choosing a career that contributes to our environment, you can re-think it and see if you’re interested now that you’ve how big its field is, and its promising future. Maybe you’ve already thought about a career you like and without knowing it, it may have an “eco” version (such as business, tourism, architecture, etc.) that you could choose, if you’d like to take a greener path in your professional life.

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