Study the company, position and interviewer

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Study the company, position and interviewer

If you’re going to a job interview it’s important to know the most about the company, the position you want to get, and if you get enough information, the interviewer too. Many people go to the interview without knowing important things about the job that are very relevant and might even end up losing the opportunity to be hired.

Whenever you go to a job interview the interviewer will assume that you already know all the basic information about the company and the job you’re applying to. So, after you get the interview immediately start gathering all the information that you can.

Find out about the company

You can get information personally or over the internet. If you know anyone that works there, ask him or her for some time to tell you about their experience in the company and maybe some advice as well. If you don’t know anyone working there, maybe try asking your friends if they know anyone that has worked there and that can help you find out more about the company.

Study the company
Study the company

The things you should be investigating about are their: organizational culture, values and the way they have developed recent negotiations. Study the company and know their needs.

If you find enough data you can go to the interview already knowing what the company needs and how your skills and knowledge adjust to the company’s needs. You’ll find that internet will be very helpful for gathering all this information.The company’s website is an excellent place to see how the company wants to be seen by the rest of the world. In the site look for sections where they write about their bases and principles that they have, you can find this in places designated as: “our mission” or “about us”. By knowing this you can get an idea on what to say on the interview and what not to.
Try to relate to their goals and missions to yours and the job you’re applying to.

Find out about the Interviewer

When you’re gathering information on the website see if there’s a searching field, if so, you can use it to look for the interviewer or interviewers. You might find their biographical profile or news about them; that way you can know what their activities are on the company. You can even use sites such as LinkedIn to find general information about them. All of this will help you find out a little bit more of them and it can help you relate to them better and get to know their working structure.

It can even happen that the interviewer is someone you know or have heard about before. The more you know about them, the biggest your chances will be to approach to them better; and with the help of your body language and verbal expressions you can create a very solid connexion.

Find out about your position

If you’re new to this job, do all the research you can about it. It’s important for you to know how the job will be and what its main difficulties are. That way, not only will you be able to answer questions, but you can also give them ideas on ways you plan to turn the company’s difficulties into ideas that can solve problems and make the company more productive.

If you’ve had this job already, take advantage of it and remember all that you can about what you did to improve the company’s situation and how your experience can help you handle the difficulties and challenges that will come along better.

Write down your doubts!

When you’re researching the company you might have some doubts about it, if so, prepare some questions. If you’re interested in the company and show that you want to know more about it, will show that you’re dedicated and that you are a smart person with strategic thinking; that is a very valuable feature in any company.

It’s important for you to get to know what the interviewing process will be like. If you know what to expect in an interview, you won’t have anything to be afraid of. This way the chances of attracting the attention of the employer will be much higher. Ask the recruiter (or whoever is in charge of organizing the interviews) how many interviews are required, who makes the decisions in each step of the process, and how long it takes for the process to be completed. This will help you know what will happen from that point on and that way you’ll be able to handle better the hiring process better, without becoming anxious or stressed.
Don’t make the same mistakes most people do and investigate!


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