Stop Obsessing Over Work/Life Balance

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Why You Should Stop Obsessing Over Work/Life Balance

You’ve probably heard some of the talk about how important it is to strike a healthy balance between work and life. While it is true that work is an important part of life, you do need to have a life away from your career. The real questions concern whether we are putting too much of a focus on this balance, and if we even have a realistic picture of what a healthy work/life balance looks like.

Part of the problem with defining and establishing a healthy work/life balance is that the lines have become blurred. The problem is further compounded when you consider the distorting lens through which we often view the lives of others, usually through social media. If you want to strike a good balance between work and life, you need to be able to identify what that is, and to do that, you have to recognize some of the factors listed below.


The Modern Work/Life Balance

Technology has changed the ways that we manage our careers and our personal lives. Things like email, social media, and mobile devices are relatively new developments. For previous generations, these technologies didn’t play the same role in both their personal lives and their careers.

Stop Obsessing Over Work/Life Balance
Stop Obsessing Over Work/Life Balance

These advances in technology have caused the two areas of our lives to blur together. Our work culture has started to take on aspects of our personal lives, and vice versa.  We make calls, send texts, and check our social media from work. When we are at home, we check and send emails for work, call colleagues about projects, and prepare for tomorrow’s meetings.

This is the modern work/life balance. In the same way that your boss probably doesn’t mind your texting and calling as long as you get your work done, you shouldn’t mind doing some work tasks from home as long as you are getting enough personal time.


You Probably Can’t Have it All

One of the reasons that the idea of a work/life balance can be a source of stress for some people is because many of us have grown up believing we can have it all. While this may be true for some people, it is not the realistic for most of us.

Establishing a healthy work/life balance means prioritizing the things you want the most in both your career and your personal life. You might not be able to get everything, but you can achieve the goals that are most important to you.


Focus on Your Own Life

Have you ever looked at a friend’s life on social media and thought that it looks like they have both the perfect personal life and work life? It might seem that way, but the truth is that their life probably is not that perfect.

If you see a friend’s life that looks too good to be true on social media, it probably is too good to be true. And even if their life really is that great, it isn’t your life. You need to focus on the career and personal life you have. Otherwise, you will never feel satisfied with your work/life balance.