Purposes and goals of the resume

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Purposes and goals of the resume

Many people get the purpose and the goals of sending a resume wrong. They assume that because they need the job so badly, the goal of the resume is to get the job, but that is quite wrong. The goal of the resume isn’t to get the job, but to get a job interview. It’s about making the biggest impression they can to get the opportunity to be called and asked to assist a recruitment interview.

Goals of the resume: Set them right!

Having that said, if you want to set your goals correctly you must focus them correctly. Resumes are basically a summary of your professional abilities and capabilities, all of them neatly categorized in sections, with the only purpose to cause a positive impression in the recruiter. However, whoever takes a look at the resume will only take 20 to 30 seconds of their time to take a look at it. This is such a small time that it’s relevant that you put all your effort into making the text striking, so that it catches the attention of the recruiter.

Look at it this way: Your goal is getting an interview, and the way you are getting there is by creating a unique and impressive resume.

Resume Sample template for Business & System Analyst Architect & Researcher
Resume Sample template for Business & System Analyst Architect & Researcher

Now, it’s important to see things from other people’s point of view; and there are two sides to this story. One, is from you who wants to get the interview, and the other one is from the employer who wants to be able to find a worker using very little time.

In order for you to make a good impression in a small period of time you must put in the resume only the things that are relevant for the job. You must think: “what elements are the ones that this job needs and that I have?” this way, when the employer reads the resume, he/she will find exactly what he/she is looking for. Show them that you’re positive, full of energy and what they’re looking for. Make them want to know more about you! If you do this, you’ll be increasing the possibilities of your main goal which is: getting the interview.

A well written and objective resume will be the one that guarantees phone calls offering interviews for you. If you’re not receiving any calls, you have to re-check what you’re putting in the resume; see what you’re doing wrong and find ways to amend it and optimize it.

Any resume can have dates and past job positions, but only the best ones will be able to metaphorically speak to the recruiters and tell them what they want to hear. Don’t wait for a call if you’re only writing the basics. A recruiter is going to get so many basic resumes that he/she won’t have time to be reading more of the same.

Say to yourself: “If I want to get a job, I have to be the best”, if you keep that in mind, you’ll be walking a step ahead of everyone, and therefore, will make a difference from the rest of the candidates. Think as a recruiter and think of what they want to see. Make their job easier and along with your description include keywords that relate to your abilities to, for example, solve problems or be resilient.

If you do a well job writing a high quality resume, you’re bound to be successful getting that call, and in a way, reaching one of your goals and the main goal of the resume, which is the interview. Once you get there, is up to you to get the job or not.

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