Job Opportunities after the holidays

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Make the most out of the end of the festivities

The end of the year gets closer, and the crowds start to show up everywhere. The sales in food, clothing and gifts tend to increase. Generally the amount of workers hired during the year aren’t enough with so much consumption, in order to keep a certain order, and give the community a better service, temporary jobs tend to boost up this time of the year.

The holiday season ends and with that many people take breaks, this can surely be used in your favor. There are several ways to take advantage of the ending of the year to find a job.

For instance there are many places looking for replacements, a lot of people go on vacation and with that a lot of vacancies are left to fill in, it’s a great opportunity to gain experience for an established time.
The requested positions are mainly: room clerks, secretaries, cashiers, switchboard operators, etc.

Moreover, tourism all over the world tends to boost up in this season, and therefore the job opportunities do so too.
You can find many offers in the culinary, recreational and hostelry area.
In this type of jobs the positions that are requested more often are the ones that offer services to consumers or reinforce the areas that need support to satisfy a larger amount of people.
The jobs that are needed are: cook assistant, chefs, waitress, waiters, instructors for recreational centers, etc.

You’ll find this type of jobs mainly in attractive cities for tourism, generally where there are beaches, important recreational and cultural centers, among others.

You can look for this jobs in person or over the web, it depends on the method you prefer. In our site you’ll find many tips to be able to present yourself in a good way and be successful finding a job.

Job Opportunities
Job Opportunities

If you don’t want to work this way, you can always start your own business. This season is very good time to accomplish it.

You have to analyze the market to which you are directing to, in this time of the year people want to relax, have fun and enjoy themselves. You have to look for climatic, geographic and cultural variables of the place you are going to offer your products or services, in order to understand what the public wants to consume, and after finding an interesting idea, you can position yourself in the labor market, introduce your entrepreneurship, and create a necessity in the consumer.


Make a difference
It’s important that as a worker you manage to distinguish yourself wherever you’re providing your services, not only to do a good job, but also to gain experience and position yourself better in any the job that you have.

You have to consider that the seasonal jobs are only temporary and if you’re looking to find a job for more time, doing only what you’re asked for is not going to be enough.

How to do it?

  • Get out of your comfort zone

We are always looking for things that make us feel comfortable and that make us feel safe, but the truth is that if you don’t think outside the box everything will always stay the same. Innovate, take your limitations out of the way and discover new roads.

  • Specialize yourself

“Practice makes the master”, never stop perfecting the area you wish to work in, it’s the only way to become a real competent worker. Knowledge is a treasure and the best thing you can do to find a job is being very good at what you do.

  • Organize yourself

Establish goals, purposes and schedules. It’s very important you can maintain an order in your personal life in order to perform better in your job.

  • Rate yourself

It’s important that you’re in a constant process of personal questioning. Always ask yourself “Am I doing enough?” and “How can I improve what I’m doing?” That way you’ll be fixing your mistakes and progressing.


Finding a job in this time of the year has its perks, but also challenges. Make a difference wherever you go and never give up, finding a job can be easier than what you thing, if you establish clear goals and present yourself in the right way.


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