Job life: Changing your career-profession

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Job life: Changing your career-profession at 40-45

After working an entire life in the same thing, we might want to breathe a new professional air, refresh our knowledge and start living new and improved work stage. Daring to do it is the first step and the most important one, we can do it if we have the will and the urge to move onto bigger professional projects in this last piece of our career.

There are some who say that changing your career when you’re over 40 is a mistake, but there are many countries, Denmark amongst them, where it’s actually a very good thing to change your profession in the middle of your life, and we have no reasons why to disagree with countries with such positive employability rates.

The biggest problem the job market faces today is people generating age limitations; after all they only end up damaging all of the working community and themselves, because we’re all destined to be over forty someday, and we won’t stop being valuable because of it, let alone lose job opportunities as a cause of our age; it’s time that we start to act and turn this situation around, because it’s been affecting us for way too long.

How can we revert this? Daring to do the changes we think are right, assuming our age with pride and telling everyone that we’re a strong force inside the employability circle.

Changing your career
Changing your career

In most cases, the main motivation of working is money. Many times the monetary incentive we have interferes with the dreams we’ve always had, and it’s important to fulfil those occupational wishes that moved us in the beginning of our professional career. If during your working life you’ve felt dissatisfied, with the need to do something better, develop or perfect yourself in another field, this is the time to do something about it.

Working should be more than just the means to satisfy our basic necessities; it should be a daily motivation to satisfy our inner necessities, such as learning, progressing, and growing. Therefore, you could never be making the wrong choice if you want to reinvent yourself after you’re over 40.

Procedure to change your career during your +45

  1. Acknowledge you’re dissatisfied with your job: Being tired is not the same as being done with something, identifying those sensations will help you make the critical decision of remaining where you are or changing your destiny.
  2. Choose the occupational field you want to be a part of: Think of the things that’ve always made you feel motivated, maybe an idea you had 20 or 30 years ago and you never dared to try it.
  3. Find effective methods to integrate yourself in your new career: Think about how you’ll reinvent your professional image, how your new cover letter and new resume will be like, think of the places you’ll send your resume to or where you’ll have more possibilities. Create a solid virtual network, get in touch with your old contacts. If you’re going to start a new business, find financial support, a strong team, etc.
  4. Leave your current job: Tell your employer you are going to resign, try to cut the working relationship in good terms, thank them for the opportunity and don’t step out of the company without a reference letter in your hands.
  5. Perfect yourself in your field: As time moves forward, methods and techniques change, so you’ll have to update and adapt to them.
  6. Start your job hunt (ideally, find out about places where there’s an open market waiting for people with your abilities), or initiate your start-up in the field you love.

This challenge will consume a lot of your time, so prepare your mind and body to face this new occupational process. It’s vital that you find a source of support, that you have someone to cheer you up or give you strength when some doors close. You might have a hard time at the beginning, but it’s not a reason to stop pursuing your goals. Don’t feel like you’re the first person doing this, there are many young people +45 changing their careers direction and it is possible to find job success after your forties.


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