What to do before, during and after the job interview

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Job interview: What to do before, during and after the interview

The job interview can be a very stressful situation for many people, some don’t exactly know how to handle it correctly and it can lead to feeling overwhelmed, nervous and anxious.
The purpose of this article is to try to make the process easier for anyone who needs guidance about what to do before, during and after the interview.

What to do before the interview? We’ll tell you now.

Gather all the necessary information about the company: Investigate all you can about the company and the position you’re applying to.
Interviewers want you to be informed about the company before the interview that way it looks as if you are truly interested in the job.

Be ready to answer and make questions: It’s a good thing to look for frequent questions that the interviewer might ask, that way you can be more prepared and aware of what the questions will be like. Try to remember everything about your past labor experience in order to answer clearly and concisely. You might also have questions of your own regarding the job, so have them ready to ask them during the interview in an appropriate moment.

Prepare a suitable attire for the interview: Make sure that your clothing is adequate for the situation. A good way to dress is by wearing formal and simple clothes. Always try to look clean and fresh, it’s indispensable to have an appropriate hairstyle and clean nails.

Have your files ready: Put all the files that are required or you think that you might need in a nice and suitable folder. You can bring with you extra copies of your resume, all your reference letters or maybe copies of your ID.

What to do during the interview?

Job interview: What to do
Job interview: What to do

Be in time: Never risk being late for an interview! Our advice is that you leave your house with an hour of anticipation in case anything happens on your way there. If you’re too early try to go somewhere else and arrive at the interviewing place with 10 to 15 minutes of anticipation.

Do not interrupt the interviewer: Let him or her say what he/she has to say. Even if you’re eager or enthusiastic about saying or asking something, wait for the interviewer to finish and then proceed with whatever you need to say. Be balanced: It’s important for you to be energetic, enthusiastic and self-assured but don’t let this make you seem impatient or aggressive. Try to be calm, confident and optimistic at all times.

Listen carefully to every question: Pay attention to the interviewer and answer everything with honesty. Sometimes you won’t understand a specific question so don’t be afraid to ask them to repeat the question or explain it deeper. You can also take a short moment before answering to think what you’re going to say.

Job interview: What to do? The job interview can be a very stressful situation for many people, some don’t exactly know how to handle it correctly

Be aware the hiring process: It’s important to know what the next steps will be. Ask about when you will receive news of the interview’s results and who will send those news to you. This way you’ll avoid losing time if you were not selected.

Close the interview professionally: Make visual contact and thank the interviewer for its time; say goodbye with a nice and firm handshake. You can also ask if you can provide them with any more information about yourself and remind them that you’re interested in the position. The last and final part of this process is what comes afterwards, so:

What to do after the interview?

Take some notes: Write down the important information about the interview. Perhaps, the expected job, the tasks to be done or a contact number. Make quick notes of whatever you think it’s relevant to remember.

Send a Thank You Letter: It’s very good to send a short and sincere letter to tell them that you are interested in the job and that you’re thankful for the time and opportunity they gave you. Sometimes, writing this letter is what makes the company decide to hire you.
Remember the dates you were given: If they told you that after a week you would hear news from them and you didn’t receive them, you can call to ask them what happened. It doesn’t usually happen but sometimes interviewers lose the documents of an applicant and aren’t able to call or e-mail them back. Wait 1-2 days to contact them.

It’s not complicated to have a good interview. It’s just a matter of being prepared and organized. We hope that this article will make a little bit easier the interview process for you.


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