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Be ready: Job interview online simulation!

If you want to prepare yourself in the best way for the next job interview , you should do homework, ie to do a demo interview practice online or helped by a friend or colleague.

One of the most effective methods to prepare for the job interview is by anticipating to the situation and rehearsing possible questions and answers for the interview.

We recommend using the following self evaluation “job interview online simulation”.

Try it! It is totally free and will give you an idea of how you behave in the interview and points should improve to have a successful meeting and obtain the job.











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  1. My best tip would be to really prepare well for a 5 minute presentation. Rehearse it well. If you can do a high energy 4 minutes without notes you will stand out as one of their most memorable candidates, simply because most people will probably be reading from notes and be unrehearsed.

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