Job Interview: What are your aspirations?

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How to respond to: What are your aspirations in our company?

You’re in the interview and suddenly you’re asked: What are you looking for in our company? It’s a very complicated question mainly because of the many interpretations that it has. You’ll now know what the expected approach would be and the best way to answer.

The first thing that comes to mind is relating aspirations with financial expectations; this is the first and principal mistake.
Obviously we all work because we need the money to sustain our basic needs, everyone knows that.
The problem is when the money is all we care about. It’s not a bad thing to be ambitious or want to grow financially, however, the important thing is to want to grow as a professional and gain plenty of experience.

What’s wrong with focusing mainly on the monetary side is that we tend to focus only in the target and not in the procedures we are doing to achieve it, what does this mean? An ambitious person makes money its first priority; the problem is that in order to fulfil its goal, the steps or measures aren’t thought thoroughly because they’re just focused in obtaining something. These steps or measures are referring basically to the job being done. The company’s main goal is that the worker carries out the task that he was assigned, so the worker and the company will have different goals and therefore the final job will hardly be any good.

Job Interview What are your aspirations?
Job Interview: What are your aspirations?

As a candidate it would be a mistake to say: “Well my aspirations is to grow more in order to have a raise later on”.

You might be thinking, who would answer something like that? But the truth is that there are quite a few who make this mistake and it can really give a bad impression.

The same happens when you respond: “I’d really like to see myself in bigger positions in the future”. In the first place, the interviewer will look for real interest in the candidate for the position that they’re offering and the one you applied to, and in second place, it shows the ambition of the applicant that as we’ve said before is a big no! For the applicant.

The right thing is to have a genuine interest in wanting to develop inside the company, in wanting to gain experience and learn things to apply to our personal lives in the time to come. Money and bigger positions will come in addition. I can assure that if a person has a sincere interest in growing personally, he will be able to accomplish whatever he proposes, and many times these good things will happen without even asking for them.

Only when you have this in mind you’ll be completely prepared to answer this question.

What does the interviewer want to hear? He wants to hear honesty in the answer, not something that seems prepared just to sound good. He wants to listen that your interest is having a progressive growth that allows you to fulfil your personal goals as well as the goals the company needs; where your effort and perseverance will take you to achieving your aspirations and will let you exceed all the settled expectations.

There isn’t any perfect way to answer the question; but if you practice and feel identified with what we’ve mentioned, you’ll be able to answer the best way possible. It’s easy to look and find an answer already written on the internet, but there’s nothing as being original and genuine to answer something.

Remember that capacitation, extra studies at home or learning from your co-workers will bring you benefits that will help you develop and it’s important to mention them when answering. Your attitude will play 50% at achieving your aspirations, so don’t ever leave it behind.

Even though this one is one of the questions that can compromise you, it can also be the one that gets you the job in no time if executed correctly. The important thing is to always respond sincerely, take very seriously the job you’re applying to (whatever the charge is), and just be you at all times.


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