Is the problem the age or our value?

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45+ Why am I not being hired?
Is the problem the age or our value?

In the site we’ve already analyzed the tough situations that people past 40 are facing nowadays. It’s still an existential question the reason/s why employers won’t consider these workers even if they know the advantages that hiring someone over 45 have. Maybe it has something to do with age itself and the prejudices associated with it, or the expenses that a person with this much experience can bring to the company. If you’d like to know, we invite you to continue reading this article.

I don’t get hired because I’m too expensive?

Generally a person is too expensive for a company when they’ve been in it for a long time and have had raises, due to the years worked or because of promotions. In this specific scenario, what could happen is that the worker gets fired (regardless the fact that it has other costs associated like the severance package and others) to be replaced for a worker that offers the required services for a lower price. There are companies that choose this, even if they end up losing the experience of the fired worker. Even though experience should be paid better, it’s the employer who settles the final salary. So from this view, we can say that the value of someone over 45 can only be a problem if the worker is already hired in a company.     

It is completely different for someone who is unemployed and job hunting. When a person needs a job, he/she won’t be selective when it comes to determine the salary they want, they will most surely take whatever is being offered or otherwise wait until a better offer comes up. Companies usually say how much they are willing to pay for a service and it’s up to the worker to take it or not. Unless that the question is asked during the job interview, but a person usually knows what the salary range that the job offers is and they will give the amount in accordance with the prices settled in the actual job market.

Is the problem the age or our value?
Is the problem the age or our value?

This makes us wonder, is the problem the age for someone over 45? Sadly enough, the answer to this is yes. Not because of the age itself, but for the preconceptions already established and even because of the ego some employers –that can be much younger- have:

  • Work prejudges for someone older (+45): despite we’re always talking about how brilliant workers over 45 can turn out to be, there are still many employers who chose to stick to old myths that refer to age as a problem to work. For example, that older people are extremely slow, that they don’t perform as well, that they have many quirks, that they don’t fit or adapt easily, etc.
  • Egocentric Employers: For some people, there’s nothing worse than someone correcting them or being wiser than them making decisions. Some workers with lots of experiences have a better notion about the way things should be done or how decisions should be made than the employers. Many employers feel offended if someone who’s supposed to follow all the orders dares to give a better opinion, and for this reason they chose to not give older workers a chance and avoid awkward situations for them. Many times they just say that the worker doesn’t meet the expectations of the company.

So, now that you know this, use it in your favor and don’t let it get in the way of you fulfilling your professional objectives. You are capable, have plenty of experience and are irreplaceable! You can most definitely show this to the world and your potential employers.


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