Increase your chances of being called to the job interview

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How do resume selection program work?

Before calling a candidate to a job interview, the professionals in charge of selecting the resumes, inspect the documents intensively and/or selectively. They’re only interested in those documents that have what they are looking for; understanding how the procedure works might help you have a better perspective of how to write your resume and position yourself better in the recruiters revision.

Every company uses different methods to filter the resumes, some of them take three minutes, others only seconds, but they do share the way they decide who makes it and who doesn’t. Before the review begins, a candidate profile is generated by the company with the requirements expected of the applicant and the minimum skills they should have. When they start checking the resumes, the candidates who pass to the next stage are those who possess the pre-established conditions; to accomplish this you have to attempt to catch the recruiter’s eye fast and directly through the words you use.

Never use your standard resume; the one you have with your personal data and work history.  To make an effective impact you have to know how to personalize the document according to the job’s requirements. It’s negligent to send a general resume and not one who is carefully designed to fit the company’s needs.

Study the company
Study the company

Find specific keywords that relate to your profession and your objectives to add them into your job application. Find words that will attract the employer; you can even extract a few ideas from the job’s description in the ad. Those ads will most likely be brief, but you still have to analyse them deeply as they tend to have more content than what you might think.

These keywords are especially effective when the application is sent virtually; computers are the ones doing the job and only choose documents that contain words that have been entered in the database. If you’re not careful enough, your application will surely end up in a folder with all the other ignored resumes.

When applications are sent through the internet, many employers decide to ask for certain things that are relevant to them, this way they’ll speed up the process, for this reason, it’s important that you study the company and the position you’re going to apply, otherwise you might be wasting your time.

Increase your chances of being called to the job interview computers are the ones doing the job and only choose documents that contain words that have been entered in the database

Once the recruiters start filtering the resumes, they take into consideration several factors that are important to them, such as, academic achievements, professional experience, languages, computer skills, etc. So when you’re studying the company, be careful with the details you’ll include in your application, generally you’ll find useful tips in the job ad; according to this information you’ll have to choose the format of your resume to make the recruiters task easier and find the qualities they’re looking for faster.

Grammar and visual presentation will be vital to be pre-selected. A poorly written document with confusing explanations is destined to be thrown away immediately, as is one with an unprofessional format. If you think you need help writing and presenting your resume, use a grammar software to check the spelling in your resume or download a good template to fill in with your information.

Recruiter’s time is limited and your time is precious, so don’t make silly mistakes when sending your application. Show them that you are a person that deserves to be considered in a company; make an effort to find what they want and make sure to express your skills neatly in the resume. Being clear when writing and including the right keywords will be your biggest challenges, but if you get it right, your future job is closer than what you imagine.