Applying to a job: Is your resume interesting or boring?

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How to write an interesting resume for recruiters?

When it’s time to start looking for a job, the resume becomes an indispensable piece. However, an indispensable piece can become our best ally or our worst enemy. In the upcoming lines, we’ll see the importance of elaborating a good resume to increase your possibilities of finding a job.

A tool that is at our disposal

First of all, we have to understand that nowadays our resume is not just the piece of paper that we take with us to the job interview; believe it or not, social media has become a new form of resume, it’s our online image, and many recruiters look up candidates on the web to see what else they can find about them. However, we’re going to focus on the traditional resume, as it’s still an important tool at our disposal.

The traditional resume, or curriculum, is an essential part of our job hunt, it’s a piece of ourselves we must elaborate correctly to make a good impression, as it will be the first thing a recruiter will read about you. Your writing must be clear, understandable, and as easy as possible to read.

This way, the recruiter will be able to read your resume fluidly, utilizing appropriate wording (for example: “I’ve completed a master degree in executive business”, as opposed to, “i just finished a business course”), will make your resume easy, and very importantly, attractive to read.

However, to achieve an interesting, complete, and simple resume, you’ll need to put in practice some other tips. Be precise, because space is limited, we advise you to avoid long paragraphs, complex phrasing, excessive academic information, and details about your personal life.

Is your resume interesting or boring? How to write an interesting resume for recruiters?
Is your resume interesting or boring

The language you need to utilize must be professionally appropriate, with no typos, misspellings, or inconsistencies, yet, don’t overwork yourself trying to find complex vocabulary, it will just make things cumbersome, and will not help your chances of being called for an interview. Create short and concise paragraphs, you can use bullets too, to make the resume look more organized. Abstain from creating dense paragraphs that will be complex and boring for the interviewer to be interested.


Beyond writing a resume

Asides from elaborating a prolix resume to find a job, you must be able to transmit honesty. If you flatter yourself too much or enlist an excessive amount of abilities, you’ll only make the recruiter suspicious, and it won’t help your case. Make a list of the most important attributes the job needs and include them, neatly and with style.

The recruiter will truly appreciate a clean resume. Make sure your words capture a professional picture of who you are. Remember to use an appropriate font (e.g. Arial or Times New Roman 10-12, with a solid dark color) to fortify the professionalism you want to show.

The last tips to create a perfect resume: If you are well positioned in social media, are influential, or have a great network, incorporate this information on your resume, and add the links to your website, blog, etc. that way, if they are interested, they will visit your sites, and get a better impression of your professional life. Don’t exceed the extension of the resume, one page is enough; if you really need to put more information, you can do two pages, but no more than that, and make sure to print them on separate pages.

So: Is your resume interesting or boring?


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