How to write a resume and give it the right emphasis

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How to write a resume and give it the right emphasis

When identifying what should and shouldn’t be written in the resume, it’s advisable to know what skills should be emphasized more than others. A great method to find this out is by asking yourself: What does the employer need from me? How can I satisfy he’s needs? If you see things from the employer’s perspective it will be much easier to put the right emphasis on the information the company needs from an applicant.

Always carefully analyze the job’s description, all you need to know should be there in detail (If not, you can ask for more information to the company by requesting an informational interview). Read the description attentively and look for hints that might be hidden within the text. They might be explicit as well; and they can give you a better idea of what the company really requires from a candidate. It will also help you find the appropriate keywords that you need to use in the resume, and it’ll help you go through the first stage of the recruitment process without problems; as many companies nowadays use electronic devices to select applicants. It’ll also give you a guideline to make modifications to the resume and find what format you should be using.

Even a short description of a single paragraph can have all the keywords you need to know to correctly focus your skills, past experiences and jobs. So that you give the resume the perfect emphasis.

Let’s see the following job advertising:

Give it the right emphasis
Give it the right emphasis

“We require a person with knowledge in graphic arts and digital imaging. This is not a job for someone without experience that is only looking to learn. We have a small business that is growing and need someone to work part-time for us. You need to be able to follow our orders, serve customers, etc. And know about printing and graphic art tasks”

In this particular and short case the abilities the applicant should be emphasizing are the ones related to knowledge in graphic arts and printings. The skills should be the ones that talk about a person that is able to receive orders, manage a growing business and give out information.

The correct emphasis in a resume will help your first impression

The characteristics listed in the ad are the ones the applicant should be paying attention to, to give them special emphasis and make a good and lasting first impression. If the candidate has experience in that industry, he/she’ll know what abilities and competences are the most relevant ones. In the case the candidate is trying to make it in the industry for the first time, the individual should only choose personal features that fit in with the job and that he/she truly has. Honesty is always vital in a resume.

A job seeker also needs to identify the company’s needs that are indirectly mentioned.
In the ad we just saw, the employer is giving hints about finding someone that helps the business grow: “…We have a small business that is growing…” if the applicant has experience working for a company that has previously succeeded, he/she should give it extra emphasis. It’s important to find a message behind the advertisement and find a hidden intention in it. If you find it, don’t hesitate to emphasize what’s implicitly being asked.

Another great tip to make your resume stand out from your competition is the wording. Use powerful and meaningful words to describe your abilities and skills. Make your work experience attractive, something worth reading. Write it vividly, completely descriptive and direct.
When writing the resume describe the way your work has developed, and find a meaning to the tasks you’ve performed.
Whatever your expertise was use verbs orientated to action: design, assure, collaborate, increase, systematize, conceptualize, direct, focus, advice, etc. The main idea is that your potential employer sees you in action and at his/her service.

Once you’ve listed all your skills and abilities in the resume, make them show how you’ve gained more responsibilities throughout the time and you became more of an expert in your area. If possible, make sure that the most valuable competences are emphasised in your last jobs.


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