How to say goodbye in an interview?

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Closing and saying goodbye in the interview

How to say goodbye in an interview?

Once all the doubts and questions are clear the interviewer can add some final comments, summing up all that’s been talked about throughout the interview. If you think that it’s appropriate you can speak about one your skills and talents and how these complement the position you’re applying to and how it will add extra value to the company’s needs.

You can also take the opportunity before saying the final goodbye to reassert the interest you have on being a part of the company and humbly say why you are the most suited applicant for the charge. The best moment to show how interested you really are in the job and in being a part of their team is at the end of the interview, however, don’t exceed on the comments because it can be self-defeating.

If you haven’t showed any references before, the closure is the right time to offer them; ask the interviewer if he would like some additional information about your professional background, or if he’d like to see your reference letters.

How to say goodbye in an interview
How to say goodbye in an interview

Afterwards the interviewer will end the interview and will proceed to say goodbye. The interviewer will let you know that the interview has finished by standing up or by actually saying so. Always allow him or her to stand up first; then get ready to shake its hand when he or she stretches her hand out to you. Ask the interviewer for its card if you don’t have it yet. You can also tell the interviewer when you will be able to come in for another interview.

Finally, thank the interviewer: the best way to end an interview is by saying goodbye thankfully and kindly. Always thank them for the opportunity they’ve given you and the time they’ve taken to interview you. Congratulate them for their company and leave the room with a confident and positive attitude. After saying goodbye don’t stay for too long in the interviewer’s office or in the company’s check-in room. Thank and say goodbye to the receptionist. Quickly leave the place and keep your professional composure until you’ve abandoned the building.

We were able to identify 3 things that you should never do at the end of the interview, and they are listed below.

  1. Don’t be aggressive: Unless the type of job requires people with experience in aggressive marketing don’t end with a: “When should I start working?” this is listed as one of the things we should never do in an interview. There’s very thin line between confidence and arrogance, do not cross it.
  2. Don’t talk about money right before saying goodbye: Never end an interview asking about the salary. In case you truly need to know this you can ask it very carefully and subtly when you’re asked if you have any questions, never at the end. Only ask this if it’s indispensable, if not, you can find out about this by doing some research on your own, waiting until you’re called to a second interview, or you receive an offer.
  3. Never lose your composure after saying goodbye and leaving the office: When you leave the office the interviewer can still be watching you, this is why you have to remain calm and confident even after leaving the “interviewing zone”. Don’t feel relaxed or get hyperactive after leaving the room. If you’ve managed to show yourself calmed and professional throughout the whole interview, don’t put your image in jeopardy by acting out of place. Don’t let your nerves or excitement get to you and ruin all of the hard work you’ve put in during the interview.

The last part of the interview can also be the trickiest one. When you are in a work environment, your attitude must be professional from start to finish; meaning from the moment you step on the building to the moment you step out of it. If you keep your positive, confident and professional attitude at all times, you’re guaranteed success.

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