How to prepare yourself for the job interview: The Interview Day

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Tips for the Interview Day
How to prepare yourself for the job interview: “optimize the day of your interview”

It’s undeniable that most of the candidates that are job hunting fear being rejected by the potential employer the day of the interview. This is very normal, as anxiety is natural under certain circumstances. However, if this situation isn’t controlled, it can cause performance issues in the interview. In this section, you’ll discover some tips and techniques to control your nerves and relax during the interview day.

The tasks you need to carry out to arrive fresh and ready to the interview start 24 hours before the interview, not just on the morning of the interview day. This time lapse will be enough to prepare yourself mentally and be relaxed. An important part of being calm and steady has plenty to do with how prepared you are for the interview, so don’t expect to see only meditation tips or breathing techniques for the interview.


prepare yourself for the job interview The Interview Day
prepare yourself for the job interview The Interview Day

The day before the interview.

The afternoon before the day of the interview prepare a list of achievements to remind yourself how good you are in what you do. Revise questions from a demo interview, investigate about the company, or even ask for a demo interview to practice. Also, prepare a route to arrive at the interviewing office the day of the interview. Picture yourself in the interview, talking smoothly and with confidence.

The night before the interview.

It’s very important to get enough sleep the previous night, at least 8 hours. Make sure to wake up physically prepared and mentally rested.

The morning before the interview, or 3 or 5 hours before it. Dress in the clothes you prepared the day before the interview (make sure to check out our tips on dressing for the job interview). Remember that a professional attire will increase your confidence. Don’t forget to eat smartly, avoid foods that can cause problems during the day. Go through your documents and proofread them before leaving the house; you’ll have fresh information in your memory. Lastly, some people find tranquilization in prayers, others in meditation. Put into practice any activity that helps you put your mind in a peaceful state.

Heading towards the interview.

Leave your house with enough time to be 30-45 minutes early. Calculate the time you’ll need, according to the route and the transportation you’ll take.  Don’t miss the opportunity to listen to the music that relaxes you the most and puts you in a good mood. Whether you’re driving or walking, don’t forget to open the window to take in some fresh air, asides from relaxing you, this will help you oxygenate your brain and be awake for the interview.

30 minutes before the interview.

At this point, there is no room for negative thoughts, doubts, or self-criticism: everything must be positive. Close your eyes and feel happy, there’s no better way to succeed. Breathe slowly, inhaling and exhaling through your nose. Visualize every step before giving it: see yourself shaking hands with the interviewer, you are smiling, talking, and feeling comfortable with yourself. If you think it and believe it, then it will happen.

Walking in the building.

The first thing you must do when walking in the building is going to the bathroom. Freshen up, wash your hands, and smile in front of the mirror. Take your time. Drink some fresh water (never soda or other types of packaged beverages). Turn off your phone. Take paused and controlled breaths. Feel the success coming to you and walk to the reception to announce your arrival. You are ready to give the best of you on the interview and be recruited.


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