How to improve your resume

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How to improve your resume

If you haven’t been successful in your job applications you’re probably wondering what you’re doing wrong. It’s important to always present an optimized resume. In order for you to do that, you have to be constantly searching for mistakes and correcting them.

First of all, you have to take all the necessary time to make the adjustments. If you’re in a rush, it’s better for you to wait until you have enough time. You wouldn’t want to end up writing something worse. You can compare your resume to professional ones and see where you’re failing.

There are several mistakes that are usually found in resumes and some of them are:

  • Grammar mistakes: Check your spelling and punctuation
  • Unwanted information: Remove any information that doesn’t relate to the job
  • Verbal tenses: Use the same verbal tense
  • Repetition: Don’t be too repetitive with words, find synonyms and use them

It’s hard to have everything right. That’s why it’s so important to take enough time to check every detail and make sure everything is fine.

Resume Sample template for Business & System Analyst Architect & Researcher
Resume Sample template for Business & System Analyst Architect & Researcher

An excellent way to make improvements to the resume is by making another person check it to find typos, uniformity or grammar mistakes, and to see if it is well organized and designed. If you’re sending your resume in paper, always use high quality paper (with a good density) in white tones. If you use bright colors, your resume might be noted but won’t be read.

Remember that the resume works as a first impression, and sadly, some of them don’t even make it to the first round. Sometimes, if they’re not organized recruiters won’t even read them, and it makes sense, if you’re not organized with your resume, why would you be organized as a worker? So always make sure that the resume is neat, organize it by paragraphs, and include main points or ideas in bullets. It has to be easy to read and the important data must be accessible. If you make their job easier they will surely appreciate it.

Very often recruiters point out what the common mistakes are in unprepared resumes, some of them are:

  • Too long or too short
  • Bad grammar
  • Unprofessional vocabulary
  • Untruthful
  • Too ambitious
  • Too weak or superficial
  • Too elaborated

There are no excuses to not improve your resume!

Now that you know this, think of ways to avoid falling into these mistakes. Make sure that your resume is professional and impressive so that it makes the recruiter want to call you for an interview. Your resume has to be able to present you outstandingly. Remember that employers want the best workers to fill the positions. If you take your time and put a lot of effort in creating a good resume that stands out from your competition, the recruiter will be undoubtedly impressed.

It’s true that everyone should be aware of this before sending in their resumes, but it’s still a fact that low quality resumes are still received by recruitment offices. To have better chances don’t hesitate to go over your resume as many times as you need until you are completely sure that it’s mistake-free. Sometimes, the only opportunity you’ll have to catch the employers attention will be that sheet of paper, therefore it must be flawless.


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