How to answer in a job interview about Past Jobs

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Describing experiences in past Jobs. How to answer in a job interview

When in a job interview there’s a very frequent and complicated question asked: How would you describe your experiences in your past jobs?
It’s a very tricky question and it can say a lot about the applicant.
We invite you now to know the best way to answer this question successfully.

It’s very likely to think that this question is easier to respond due to the fact that you don’t have to talk about yourself, however, implicitly this question can answer how the candidate is as a person and professional.

We all know that a job can last for a very long time or for a short period. The important thing to know is that when the interviewer asks this question, not only is he/she looking for information regarding your past experiences, but is also wanting to know how you verbally express about your previous job; that way he/she can see how you would eventually talk about the company that you’re now applying to now in the future when you’re looking for another job. Meaning that if you were given the job and for whatever reason you stopped working for the company, the interviewer needs to know how you would talk about them in the future. This is why we must be careful in the answer we give.

How to answer in a job interview
How to answer in a job interview

You always have to think that despite the reason you abandoned your last job, your experience there helped you to grow and develop yourself.

It’s true, there are many jobs where the treatment to the staff is horrible and when you answer you might get the urge to speak badly about the company you worked for or simply tell the truth about it and say the terrible conditions you had to put up with; but when the situations arrives just ask yourself: is it necessary to waste the short time I have speaking about a company that left me upset? The answer is, no! You have so little time to make a good impression that wasting it in speaking negatively about a company isn’t worth it.

Your answers always have to take a positive course, where the main goal is to project the feeling of rescuing the good parts of your old job and transforming all the negative parts of it into strengths that made you a better professional.

Sometimes it happens that we try to be funny with the interviewer and might make a sarcastic comment about your previous job (obviously with a negative tone); this, as we’ve already said can sound bad for the reason already mentioned. The question the interviewer tries to answer for itself is: How will he/she speak of our company in the future? So any comments discrediting your old job will take some points off when it comes to qualifying to the job.

It’s very important to mention all the experiences that enriched you as a professional, and how you were able to take advantage of the positive and negative times you lived to grow as a person and worker.

You must understand that your mission is to rescue all that can be rescued from a job. Anything that we can’t rescue must be kept to ourselves or shared with people that we trust; that way we can take out all of our anger and frustration out and then simply throw it away. We hold on to the positive things and we just put away everything else.

How to answer in a job interview: Your answers always have to take a positive course, where the main goal is to project the feeling of rescuing the good …

If you were mistreated think: What can I rescue from that? Maybe strength, the need to overcome situations, etc.
If they don’t recognize your job think: What can I rescue from that? Maybe recognizing your own ability and having the power to know when it’s time to move on to better things.

At the end of every project, take some time to think what you can rescue from it and hold on to that to answer your questions. There are no doubts that this is what the interviewer wants to hear and you will surely be able to answer the question the best way possible.
This is a question that you will be asked in almost all the interviews you go to; it’s a good thing if you want to prepare for it in order to be ready to respond with a positive focus and natural tone.


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