How do I write my first resume?

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How do I write my first resume?

It’s finally time to experience the beginning of your own work life! You’ve been getting ready for this stage of your life many years. It’s now the moment to build your whole destiny and face these new professional situations that are anxiously waiting for you.
Every decision taken is a new opportunity to fail or succeed; we are going to trip during the journey, but sometimes we can do things right from the beginning, especially if you know exactly what to do. The first step you’ll have to take to achieve job success is to write a resume that generates value and can put out there the best version of your professional self without having any previous experience.

5 steps to create a winning first resume

Step 1) Acknowledge your potential: You’ll be lacking professional experience; therefore you need to know what your abilities are. Imagine you have a double pan balance, the heavier side will win the professional competition, on the right side you have experience and on the left side you have your potential, experience already has 10 pounds in its favor, so, how can we reverse the situation? With our strengths. It’s imperative that you give examples of what you can do; no one will pay attention to someone who states: “I’m skilled with computers”; recruiters need details, proof of what you can accomplish and what you will be able to give them. Mention experiences that gave you your abilities, and play with those qualities to complement your resume. Don’t be afraid to say good things about who you are, this is the time to say that you are new, yet prepared to shake the job market like no one’s ever done it before.

Step 2) Only include relevant information: No matter what the job you’re applying to is, think about the details that can bring you closer to the place you want to be. Mention your academic achievements, as well as those jobs that you’ve had that increased your skills. Don’t waste the precious and small space you have with information that drags you away from your professional interest zone.

The resume as a first impression
The resume as a first impression

Step 3) Pay attention to your grammar and organization: Space is the biggest limitation when it comes to writing the resume, this is why you have to organize your information concisely and precisely; if you manage to write down something cohesive and coherent you’ll have more possibilities of being considered. Don’t misspell your words, if the system doesn’t detect any grammar mistakes, you’ll most likely be headed for the next stage, don’t try to outsmart the software by using a bigger font to fill up space, this will only get your resume eliminated.

Step 4) Show them your passion: Even though this is a formal situation, there’s still an open space for you to talk about those things that make you feel motivated, try to orientate them to the field you’re aiming towards, that is to say, those activities that you enjoy and at the same time are helping you develop and improve your professional skills.

Step 5) Use your academic accomplishments as your backup: If you have good grades make sure to include them in your presentation sheet; if you don’t, you can speak about extracurricular activities that you were part of or your college milestones. If you haven’t finished your career yet, you can always try to take some extra classes or make more efforts to obtain better results; the more you have to show, the more impact you will cause on those who read your resume.

Finally, remember to check at least three times your resume before sending it in, and if you have several work options, modify your resume according to the job you’re applying to. If you’re having a hard time assembling the resume, download templates to get an idea of what the format should look like, you can also use paper and pen to brainstorm a little bit and pick the best ideas you have.
Get ready now, because after you send in your amazing resume your phone won’t stop ringing with calls requesting your presence in their job interview; you’ll be one step closer to actually having your first job.

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