After the holidays is the time to find a job!

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Jobs that are looking for employees after the holidays

This is the time to find a job!

The beginning of the year can be a fresh start for you as a worker, and for many companies too. After the year ends companies make their general balances, they plan new ideas, develop new visions, and also establish their budget for the upcoming year. This means that if the results are positive, job positions are surely going to open up. The internal analysis that companies do, isn’t only about their gain and losses, it’s also based on the results obtained by their current employees. So if the company has workers that are not giving the best of themselves, there will be opportunities for others to do it.

If you haven’t been successful during the past year, don’t be discouraged. Most companies have been very busy with the holidays going on to be recruiting new staff. If you applied in the past few months before to some jobs, you might be getting the call you’ve been waiting for, and if you don’t, keep up the good energies to find the job that you need.
Always remember to send a letter afterwards to the place you applied thanking them for the opportunity, that way they can see that you’re interested, and that are still waiting to be hired.

The competition begins!

All of the people that have been unable to find a job, use the beginning of a new year to start looking for one again. So you’ll see that there are many looking for a position to fill in, just as you are. But you already know that the key is knowing how to make an impact wherever you go.
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After the holidays is the time to find a job!
After the holidays is the time to find a job!

Companies usually are more active recruiting personnel in the beginning of the year (January and February) and then a little past the middle of it (September and October), so you can surely use this peaks to find a job or move to a better one.
You can also take into consideration that jobs that are found in this time of the year also tend to be better paid.


Do you want to know which are the 5 areas that require more personnel? We will tell you now!

  1. Accounting and Finances: In many companies the financial resolutions might not have been as good as they expected, so they’ll be looking for accountants and financial analysts specially this time of the year.
  1. Management: Basically because of expenses or economic issues, companies don’t hire managers when the year is almost ending, that way they can avoid paying more taxes or not sticking to the budget, in this months (January/February) this positions tend to boost up, and then later on the they become harder and slower to find. So if you’re looking for this position, you can take advantage of this season to find it.
  1. Marketing: It’s all about renovating and innovating, the marketing jobs increase in times when a new image is needed. In order to approach in a good way to the public there has to be a good presentation and strategies. Companies that need improvement in this area will be looking for professionals that are able to help them reinvent themselves.
  1. Sales: Having qualified sales representatives is the main key that companies have in order to offer their products to the community, many companies will notice that their performances could’ve been much better if they had hired better staff in charge of sales and will be willing to give others the opportunity.
  1. Banks: Banks play an essential role in the financial lives of the citizens. There is no space for them to make mistakes. This is why their end of the year inner reviews are extremely strict, and during January, February and March they are always looking for new staff. You can find jobs such as: credit research analysts, financial market research analyst (for investments), loan managers, among others.


You have to be ready to face this New Year that’s kicking-off with a positive attitude and good energy. You are surely capable of creating opportunities for yourself. You have to be ready to set challenges, take some responsibilities, put all your effort into gaining what you wish, and never ever back down.


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