How the hobbies will help us to succeed at work

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How the hobbies will help us to succeed

The professionals and the people in general are evaluated not only by their job performance but by their behavior outside of work. It is a way to compare if you have a balance in your life, and if there is a relation between work and home life. Remember that most of the time you spend it with your family and playing sports or doing some of your hobbies. Therefore, you should not be surprising that in the job interview they ask you about your hobbies.


How to use the hobbies in a job interview:

  • Hobbies can be used at the beginning of a job interview to break the ice between the participants and reduce stress on the environment. Surely it will be a good start if you identify with the interviewer in some passion, such as swimming or doing extreme sports or watching football in a specific league or go to the gym and dance.
  • Hobbies can also be used at the end of the job interview to refer to a mutual friend with whom you share an activity in order to leave a lasting good image. The emotions integrate people and are plenty of energy and good memories.
  • During the job interview, you can refer to a hobby when they ask you about the way you use your free time, or because the hobby will helped strengthened an already existing skill. For example, having practiced high performance sport for many years will help you to developed the discipline and spirit to overcome difficulties and obtain consistently better results.

    How to use the hobbies in a job interview:
    How to use the hobbies in a job interview:


Using hobbies to develop entrepreneurship:

  • An entrepreneurship has more guarantee of success when you are passionate about the topic. Because you need in the beginning a lot of energy and perseverance, education and work a lot, overcome difficulties and achieve challenges. A hobby give you the passion and extra energy you need to get away in your adventure.
  • Hobbies can give you ideas to start up and develop business. For example, if you practice extreme sports you could open a course to teach others, if you enjoy cooking it will be the opportunity to launch a specialized restaurant, if you like playing cards you could develop a new board game, if you love technology you will find many opportunities in internet and social networking environment.
  • The frequent practice of a hobby gives you the opportunity to meet many people, much of it related to your personality and values, with whom you could discuss issues and ideas in order to create new business. Teamwork is essential to develop entrepreneurship and within your relationships you can find people who complement your skills and share principles of life.


As an integral person you will be evaluated not only for your performance on the field but out of it. Hobbies are activities that take place outside of your field, which allow you to be happy, get out of the daily routine, interacting with people, exercising and maintaining active your skills to be better and then successful.


Success is the result of knowledge combined with skill, persistence and positive attitude. Hobbies can help you in all these areas, increasing your knowledge, developing skills, increasing persistence and releasing your energy as positive attitude. Therefore there is no doubt of immense benefit that hobbies bring you to succeed, while you receive entertainment. What else can can you ask for?


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