Future with too many employees

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Are we living in a society with too many employees and entrepreneurs?

What do you think when a new electronic gadget is launched in the market? Maybe you feel impressed or want to have the product in your hands as soon as possible. The age of the machines is among us and here to stay and gain strength in the upcoming years. Technology inventions are expected to grow exponentially in only half of a decade more, are we ready to face this phenomenon? Will we be able to handle this potential substitution of the human workforce for a machine based one? Are we witnessing a future and extreme work crisis as a cause of technology and its accelerated advances?

Each new minute is a minute where someone out there comes up with a new tech idea, develops the new revelation on digital gadgets, or an unreleased product willing to do the job we used to do by ourselves is marketed.
It all started with a simple application that solved a certain task, saved us time and made our lives a tad easier, however, these tasks are becoming more complicated, and we move from an app that counts the steps to one that detects the quality of air, and so on. How far can this get? There are truly no limits today, the world of the genius behind the technology gadgets is full of obstacles, and they’ve managed to overcome every one of them in time.

Future with too many employees
Future with too many employees

Unemployment is the biggest dubiety; the future is uncertain to those workers that have a new mechanism developing willing to do their job, at a lower cost, and in less time. It’s not an exaggeration to state that in a few years, not so far from where we stand today, machines will be able to do at least half of the tasks that are currently being made by human hands.

The world has progressively developed during these thousands of years, the fact that technology is becoming more powerful than it was once expected can mean the reinvention of the labor market as we know it. We can’t know for sure if there will be an economic recession or a bonanza full of new and different job offers, what we do know is that the working world is taking a radical turn and technology can change everything that’s been built throughout the years./

Future with too many employees, start to think like entrepreneur!

In 20-30 more years we will be a part of this new working system, we don’t have a machine that can predict how things will turn out –at least not that we know of-, So we can’t state the real repercussions that this substitution will bring in the lives of the community. It is a fact that robots have exceeded all the expectation they once had, their way of working is fluid and exact compared to humans, they don’t need to take breaks, vacations or even fight among themselves.

Undoubtedly these discoveries will make us face an unemployed world, and if there were jobs left they would be completely different from the ones we know today; we cannot put a stop to it. These machines are being created right now; they will satisfy company’s needs and replace human work with smart, accelerated, and effective technology. Are we safe? Will there be alternatives left for us? Will a machine do our job tomorrow? Only time can answer these questions.

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