Future Sustainable jobs

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Sustainable jobs and their future

One of our tasks as workers is being proactive and taking control of our professional situation. If you have been unemployed for a long time, it’s time to take the situation in your own hands and start looking for other possibilities. It frequently occurs that workers lose job opportunities because they were seeking in the wrong place, mainly because they want to be employed in areas that are saturated and that don’t need any more staff. If instead, they took the same time to see what fields are expanding, they could be hired in less time and have a good future projection.

Sustainable jobs are the ones that are currently expanding. In the United Kingdom, the Department of Energy & Climate Change estimated that there will be 400.000 more green jobs by 2020.

A similar situation is happening all around the globe. Industrialized and developing economies in many countries are now generating millions of employments with sustainable development. It’s a tremendous work opportunity for people who want to settle in this area and for those who still are not a part of the work force and want to study a sustainable career.

“What are sustainable jobs?”

sustainable jobs
sustainable jobs

You might be wondering if you still don’t know it clearly.
In simple words, sustainable jobs or green jobs (as they’re more commonly known), are employments that focus on reducing the negative effects that normal companies produce on the environment with their procedures. To do this, they take the maximum advantage of the materials already existent on the planet and they make good use of the natural resources available for us.

Where to find a sustainable job?

For now, the 3 main areas with the most jobs are:

  • Construction: edification of sustainable houses, commercial and private buildings, etc.
  • Renewable Energies: generation of energy throughout solar panels, wind turbines, etc.
  • Transportation: creating vehicles that don’t pollute disproportionately, encouraging the use of public transportation or carpooling, etc.

In addition, there are always great opportunities for environmental professionals in all types of companies. Small and big companies want to incorporate sustainable standards in their projects, and do to that they need the advice of someone who’s an expert in the subject.

And for those who want to start their own business, they could surely do it with these eco-friendly methods, promoting a green job, that doesn’t pollute, that contributes to the future generations and their development, and that at the same time is economically sustainable.

Many careers are now mixing their titles with ecology, generating new professionals that are capable of performing in a clean and sustainable way. But for those who don’t have a professional title that has the term “eco” on it (explicitly or implicitly), or aren’t interested in having one, the possibilities don’t fade at all for them. Many people can actually change their jobs into a sustainable one: a driver, a builder, a designer, etc.
Besides, anyone who looks for a job in a green company can truly become a green worker if he/she applies the policies of it into its personal and professional life.

What happens to our world finally affects all of us.

The sustainable field is rapidly growing and will continue to grow for at least a few more decades, according to the expert’s projections. If we govern ourselves by this, there shouldn’t be any reason why we couldn’t consider this way of working as a true option. If we do it, little by little we can truly construct a work system that is sustainable and that improves our lives and the ones of those who are yet to come.


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