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Follow Up after the interview: Increase your chances of being hired

Congratulations! You’ve finished the interview process and you are now anxiously waiting for that phone call or e-mail. What to do while waiting for the job offer? Well, every company has different timings to make the final decision; that’s why it’s important for you to know what the next step will be. You can ask this when you’re clarifying doubts and questions during the interview or at the end of it. It usually takes companies one or two weeks to make the decision. Companies with lots of applicants generally tend to take more time in deciding who they will hire.

Average candidates think that the interview finished when they say goodbye to the interviewer that day. This is in fact true, but only to those who haven’t prepared themselves as professionals. What distinguishes the best candidates is their willingness to follow up the interview.

You might be thinking: “What is the first thing I should do after the interview?” and the answer to that is: Write a Thank-You or Follow-Up Letter. This letter is an essential part in the interview process. It’s much forgotten and very few actually take the time to write a Thank-You letter, however, it’s very well appreciated by recruiters. Do not send a handwritten letter or an e-mail as some find them highly informal. You can write the letter in a word processor and digitally sign it (you can manually sign it too).

Include in the letter the highlights of the interview and subtly talk about the interest and enthusiasm you have on being hired. You can tell them you’ll call if you don’t hear from them in a definite date, and always let them know you’re available for further questions, documents or information.

This is an example of a Thank You Letter or Follow-Up Letter. You can download our template that provides you with every required field, ready for you to fill in. You can modify it and personalize it according to what your interview was like.

Follow Up Letter free example
Follow Up Letter free example

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