Exercising contributes in your work life

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Physical activity impacts the way you work

Can you think about what you do when you get home after a day of work? Maybe have something to eat, lie down, watch a good film or just take a nap.
Many people know that physical activity is important, but not many know how much it impacts their work life, and even less are actually physically active.

It’s true that it can be tough trading the sofa for the treadmill, but, what would you think if you knew that your work will be benefitted if you exercise for only 30 minutes every day?

We’ll start by speaking about the psychological benefits that working out brings to us. It’s not unusual to feel mentally exhausted after a day of work; neither trying to clear your thoughts from work, disconnect yourself from it, and fail in all of your attempts. The truth is that we are hardly going to be able to have a good work life without saying no to the things that drain us.

Exercise gives you that option. It tells you that you can move your body, make it healthy, and dissociate from all the thoughts you bring home from work.
If you’ve gone running, you surely remember how clearly you thought afterwards or the good mood you were in.
Good physical health stands by good work results. If your body is and your brain is good, your work will be affected in unexpected ways.

Exercising contributes in your work life
Exercising contributes in your work life

If you want to transform your work life in 360° you have to begin by sending excuses far away from your life. The excuse that wins all of the awards is: “I would like to exercise; I just can’t find the time”. If you’ve said this at least once, we’ll tell you when you can make some time to work out.

Making time to exercise

30 minutes is the time you’ll need to exercise. Of course, you can do it for a longer time, which is much better.
We’ll give you four options for you to do physical activity without missing the good things in your everyday life.

  1. Exercise in the morning. This is easily one of the hardest options, however, it is not ineffective. The worst thing about mornings is arriving to the office with our faces still in our pillow.
    If you wake up half of an hour earlier, you could walk your dog, go jogging or bike riding. After that, take a nice shower; you’ll be ready to face your workday recharged and activated. You’ll have a better attitude and be able to catch every detail in your job, as you’ll be 100% awake. You’ll also get along better with your colleagues. To avoid losing any sleep, count the minutes you took off from your alarm and recover them before going to bed.
  2. Exercise at night. If you find it too hard to wake up a bit earlier, try exercising during the night-time. Once you’ve done everything, and you’re ready to go to bed, go outside and start moving your body. You can do whatever you enjoy most, or simply go to the gym. Your body will be exhausted, and therefore you’ll be destined to fall asleep fast and deeply. You’ll be a renovated person tomorrow, as there’s nothing better than a replenishing night of sleep to face the eventualities of a new day at work.
  3. Exercise on the weekend. If you still don’t want to try option one and two, you might find this one interesting. If you have family or pets, what can be better than exercising together? Riding bikes Sundays at the park or playing some baseball Saturdays in the afternoon. During the weekends, you’ll be able to be physically active for a lot of hours, doing sports you really enjoy, and sharing with your loved ones.
  4. Exercise in your job. If you found a reason to say no to the previous options, this is the one you can’t reject. If you’re sitting in your desk all day, all you might want to do is make calls, fill out papers while enjoying a nice Frappuccino with a fresh donut. What this habit is doing for you is making you slow, distracted, bored and inefficient. So, use your breaks to shake the muffins off; start stretching, walking around your office, moving your neck and arms, etcetera.
    If you have a place to be alone, try doing some jumping jacks, track in position, squats or whatever short exercise you enjoy.

You have four options; you can combine them or take them in turns. Figure out what alternative suits you better. Be that person who says “yes” to a healthy work life.
If producing is your goal, exercising is a fast and safe way to get there.

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