Who doesn’t need a recommendation letter?

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Who doesn’t need a recommendation letter?

Is there a time when recommendations letters become dispensable?

In this exact moment there are thousands of people looking for a job, handing résumés or trying to make an impression. There are times in our lives when we think we don’t need anything else to be employed, we think that our experience and our studies are enough to get us a job in a blink of an eye, but while we’re in the job market we can always be a step ahead, and sometimes we don’t take the time to analyse and understand what details can make the difference between getting a job and not getting one.

For a long time recommendations or references letters haven’t been taken seriously, many think that it’s a subjective document, irrelevant, some even find that it’s rude to ask for one. However it’s a very small tool that can be very handy and it’s always good to have it.

Imagine for a second that someone comes to your house and knocks on your door, you let him in and you start to talk, he starts telling you that he travelled all over the world, he tells you amazing stories of all his journeys and adventures, so you become very interested and think that the story is absolutely brilliant, so you ask him to show you some pictures to see all of this, but he tells you that he unfortunately didn’t take any pictures because he didn’t take his camera with him. You believe him, but you still feel a bit empty because all that he told you will be only words.

Who doesn't need a recommendation letter?
Who doesn’t need a recommendation letter?

This is exactly what happens when you hand out your résumé to a company, you can have an amazing background, but that’s all it is: words, and what companies really need is something that backs up the people they’re considering.

Many people agree that recommendation letters are very useful when someone’s entering the job market, but many think that when time goes by having a reference letter stops being relevant. This is when we have to reflect and understand that having these type of documents will never stop being important, in fact, it becomes more essential after time because we’re always wanting to grow, that’s why any resource that we can get to make our daily and working lives better, must be taken.

You have to see it this way, when you leave a job it’s usually to move into a better project, if this is the case, there’s nothing better than to face all situations with a little backup of someone who’s worked with you. It’s a simple document that will say a lot about you wherever you go, it’s true that we always relate recommendations letter to job seeking, but they can be very useful for our daily life as well.

So for whatever reason, if you’re quitting or leaving a job, approach to the department in charge and ask for your reference letter, the procedure won’t take long and you’ll be leaving the company with a little plus on your side.

Each year the number of people looking for a job increases, each year there’s more and more competition, so for this reason we have to take any possibility that can give us the chance to progress in life. There’s ALWAYS room for improvement and we must exploit all the opportunities we have.

We can never see something as a dispensable thing when it can help us in one moment of our lives.
The reasons you left your old job don’t really matter; you always have to walk out of it with a recommendation letter in your hands, for today or for tomorrow, for a job or for opportunities in life, you never know when you might need it, and we can be sure that no matter how much experience or studies we have, it’s always better to count with it.


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