Do you have the profile companies look for

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Do you have the profile companies look for?

Have you ever let a job opportunity slip by because you thought that you weren’t what the company needed? It’s possible that you felt the requirements were far beyond your abilities, despite how attracted you were for the position; did you ever ask yourself what could have happened if you would have applied anyways?

The truth is that even though there’s a defined structure of the type of candidate the company requires, there’s always space for a person to fit, even without having the complete profile. Mainly considering that anyone could adapt itself to the required conditions over time, especially if that person has had some experience in similar positions.

As an individual and worker, you are capable of transforming into the profile that the company wants. Besides, if you don’t transform 100% you could always bring new qualities to the table, and show that flexibility in recruitments is always something very effective.

Do you have the profile companies look for
Do you have the profile companies look for

Remain in your interest zone. This means, if you have aptitudes selling, and you’ve developed yourself in that field your whole life, it wouldn’t be optimal to apply to a fashion company, not unless you obtain some ascertainable skills in that area. Because it would be very difficult to be considered by an employer if you don’t have any backup to support you. However, if you’ve professionally grown as a sales agent, and you’ve been in charge of organizing your co-workers, you could try applying for a sales management position, without having been a sales agent before.

Many recruiters think that the most valuable trait of a worker is that he/she has the will to outdo itself, even if he/she is not a total expert in the position. This is mainly because that particular worker will try harder to better itself and will not think that everything is always under control.
Clearly, the worker has to have knowledge in the area, but there is still a big space for chances and opportunities.

Also, think that if you are already a part of the work force –even if you are currently unemployed-, it is evident that you have an appropriate profile. Maybe not the required profile for a specific company, but a standard one, one with which you can go very far. The important thing here, is that you trust in yourself, your capabilities, and that you are able to fulfil all you set your mind to, regarding jobs.

The invitation we make today is that you encourage yourself to take the step and reply to the job ad even if you don’t have all the characteristics that the profile mentions. After all, what is there to lose? Absolutely nothing! All experiences must be welcomed in our lives. Challenges are what impels us to be better workers and generate new opportunities for ourselves.
Imagine the possibilities you’ll have if you succeed in the job. You will stop job hunting, you will be forced –though positively- to grow, and your work life will have a new challenge to fulfil. If you do not dare to do it, you might give up easily, and this could even provoke that you end up working in an area you are not passionate about.

A risk is something we should always be willing to take. And it’s true, risks don’t guarantee a thing. But they could bring benefits to your life, that you haven’t even thought about yet. Let’s be optimistic, and have the conviction that we’re able and capable of doing great things.


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