Do you consider yourself a good candidate

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How to answer in a job interview: Why do you consider yourself a good candidate for this charge?

Within the frequent questions asked in an interview we find one that can make us very nervous and it’s the one where we have to talk about ourselves and communicate the reasons why we should be hired. Being distinctive will be the main motive for a successful hiring. If you want to find out how to express yourself properly in this query, continue to read ahead.

Another way to present this question in a more direct and abrupt way is: Why should we hire you?           
When you hear this, wrong ideas can come to mind; like believing that they’re asking you about your personal aptitudes (not your professional ones). This is a mistake because what the interviewer wants to know are your abilities strictly directed to the job itself. The questions to be answered actually are: Why are you the right one for the job? What makes you special to work in our company? What do you have to offer that makes you indispensable?

This is the orientation that your answer has to take; you can ask yourself these questions before the recruitment interview, and the answers you find will tell you if you are truly enabled to perform the job rightly or if perhaps you should keep on looking for another one that adjusts better to your professional abilities.
If you manage to solve all your doubts you might just be ready to go to the interview and respond the question correctly.

Do you consider yourself a good candidate
Do you consider yourself a good candidate

Now, the purpose of this question is to know how the worker was able to align its own goals with the company’s, and how an eventual hiring can benefit the candidate as well as the company.
When you’re replying remember that you need to focus on the job itself and not talk about the skills you have in other areas. It’s not bad to talk about your personal abilities, but in this precise question all of your capabilities, abilities and knowledge must be expressed according to the job that must be done.

If you’re applying to a management position your answer might be focused on what your organization system, leadership skills and control measures will be like. It wouldn’t be appropriate to say that you’re very good at drawing or that you have a lot of experience in, for example, customer service.

A way to make the answers sound better is by substantiating them. For instance, if the job requires to have experience in marketing, you can tell them what your experiences in the area were. A good method to talk about it is by starting with your small projects first and ending with the bigger ones, that way they will see that you were capable to move on to better and bigger projects and are able to grow professionally.

Sometimes knowing about the company’s culture along with their vision and mission can turn out to be very helpful because you can align your goals with the company’s effectively. Maybe you can even find distinctive features of yourself that you haven’t noticed yet and that might complement the company’s necessities.

It’s worth mentioning that even if you are very prepared and find the perfect answer, you shouldn’t make comments on your greatness, such as: “I think I’m the best option here because I’m an excellent worker and I’ve always been the best of all my colleagues”.
What is expected of an applicant is to be able to speak about its abilities without feeling advantage from the rest or being arrogant and extremely self-assured.

It’s important to answer this question spontaneously and without sounding as if you’ve practiced and prepared the answer so much that it seems as if you knew it by heart.
Use your academic and working experience to complement the answer and don’t be afraid to show the best of you as a professional. It’s the one moment to say “I’m the one you’re looking for” and in order to say this you must show absolutely all that you are and what you will offer the company if you get the position.

If you had a bad interview this can be the moment to reverse the situation and if you had a good one this can be the turning point to fulfil the hiring. So take all you have to offer and simply toss it out verbally the best way possible.

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