Demo practice: job interview questions

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Classic questions: practice with a demo interview

Demo practice, classic questions in the job interview

experience by answering similar questions to the ones you’ll be asked. You can do this interview with the help of a friend or relative, however, there are several companies that offer professional services of demo interviews. You can also record your demo interview to check it afterwards and detect what aspects need to be improved.

The counterpart in the demo interview will play the role of the interviewer and will try to make the interview as real as possible by making the typical questions asked in an interview. An advantage of hiring a professional service is that they will ask you questions that correspond with the type of job and industry you’re interested in. During the demo you’ll also have the chance to ask the questions you would want to ask in the real interview.

Demo practice job interview questions
Demo practice job interview questions

Prepare yourself for the demo interview just as if it was the real one. Don’t remember your answers, instead, prepare to respond using your past experiences. You can consider the possibility of assisting with a support group before the demo interview with a coach.  Don’t forget to dress appropriately for the interview, it’s a good opportunity to try the clothes you’ve chosen and know how you feel with them. Just as if it was the real one, make sure to be there on time, and above all, enjoy and take advantage of this magnificent opportunity to reinforce your strong points and the not so strong ones.

These are some of the questions that might be asked in a real interview and that you can practice with in the demo interview:

Personal Area

  1. Tell me a little bit about yourself
  2. What are your hobbies?
  3. Why did you choose to be interviewed by our organization?
  4. Describe your ideal job
  5. What do you consider to be your strengths?
  6. What can you offer us?
  7. What do you consider to be your weaknesses?
  8. Have you faced professional failures?
  9. What accomplishments are you most proud about?
  10. What are your role models? Why?
  11. What motivates you most about your job?
  12. Why should we hire you instead of another candidate?
  13. What do you know about our products/services?
  14. Where do you want to be in five to ten years?

Academic Area

  1. Why did you choose your career?
  2. Why did you choose that university?
  3. Do you consider you received a good education?
  4. What classes did you like the most/least?
  5. If you would start over, what would you change about your education?
  6. Do your grades reflect your abilities? Why?


  1. Did you have an employee while studying?
  2. What did you learn from your job experiences?
  3. What did you enjoy the most about your past job?
  4. Have you ever resigned? Why?
  5. Give us an example of a situation where you offered a solution to an employer.
  6. Give us an example of a time when you worked under pressure.
  7. Have you been a volunteer? Where?
  8. How do you think an ex-manager would describe your performance?

Professional Goals

  1. Would you rather work under supervision or on your own?
  2. What type of boss do you prefer?
  3. Do you think you’ll be successful working in a team?
  4. Do you prefer small or big organizations?
  5. What other positions are you considering?
  6. Are you able to do several tasks at the same time?
  7. What do you think about extra hours?
  8. What do you think about traveling or relocating?
  9. Are you willing to have a flexible schedule?

Before starting a demo interview think about these questions and their possible answer, and consider consulting with a career counselor to professionally evaluate your performance in the demo interview. Do as many demo interviews as you need and make sure to communicate your answers naturally and clearly to the interviewer.

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