Cheer up, you’ll only work 5 to 10 years

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Cheer up, you’ll only work 5 to 10 years
If we’re too old or too young, who works then?

It seems as if no one worked these days; young people from 18-33 are stuck because nobody hires them, and the ones from 40-65 are unemployed and nobody considers them, is there anybody working then?

The only answer seems to be that those between 34-39 years are employed, only five years; a relief for all of us who are sick and tired of working so much, five year still seems like a lot of time, doesn’t it? Maybe 2-3 would be better.

We’re used to hearing day and night that we’re too old to work or too young to be taken seriously; we hear it so much that we began to believe it. We write the resume with a defeated mind, go to the interview fearing judgment, and find that we’ve been rejected the next day.

you will only work 5 to 10 years
you will only work 5 to 10 years
We can blame the whole world and still find no logic explanation to our reality. We can say that the system is guilty because it entered our minds and made us feel as if no one would ever give us a chance, but many times is us instinctively twisting things and making them look bad.

The media shows situations some people are going through. For example, mention the economical position of certain places and talking about how it will affect the job market, speaking about unemployment or injustices that have occurred throughout the years.
Sometimes we read articles and think everything is going to be bad, however, thanks to these publications, people start researching and find out very positive things, for instance, many investigations prove that age isn’t an impediment for performing well.

Even though there are external agents that can contribute to unemployment, an important part of failing in the job hunting process is not having enough conviction to assume our condition and take measures that will help us survive our personal employment crisis.

So if you thought you would only work 5 to 10 years, you’re wrong! If you’re young, you at least have 40 years to make a professional career, and if you’re in your forties, you can also be one more member of the working force for many years.

It’s vital that you reinforce the way you set your mind; feeling like a winner and worth every opportunity is what will make you leave unemployment behind.
We basically have two options: complain about our employment status or assume what’s going on and deal courageously with the problem. You’re making a new choice every single day; make sure tomorrow is the day you chose to make a change, transform into someone proactive, and be an employed and successful person tomorrow.

After all, unless we get lucky and win a huge money prize, we all want to work for more than five years and do something that makes us feel productive.
The good part of the deal is that it’s not as hard as everyone believes, and people who are permanently employed today aren’t just in their thirties, they belong to every age range.

If you cheered up because you thought you would only work for half of a decade, we’re sorry; what should cheer you up though is the fact that you have possibilities to spare, so start gathering all of your energy, get in a good mood and go out there as a new professional; focused and with your mind set on what really matters: work success.

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