Applying to a job: Is your resume interesting or boring?

How to write an interesting resume for recruiters? When it’s time to start looking for a job, the resume becomes an indispensable piece. However, an indispensable piece can become our best ally or our worst enemy. In the upcoming lines, we’ll see the importance of elaborating a good resume to increase your possibilities of finding … Read more

How do I write my first resume?

How do I write my first resume? It’s finally time to experience the beginning of your own work life! You’ve been getting ready for this stage of your life many years. It’s now the moment to build your whole destiny and face these new professional situations that are anxiously waiting for you. Every decision taken … Read more

8 Ways to succeed with ATS

8 Ways to succeed with ATS or Programs filter job candidates The days of manually checking thousands of resumes printed and presented in paper and ink are over; Recruiters job has become easier, they have more time, and the search for the perfect candidate is quite fast in comparison to what it was 20 years … Read more

Increase your chances of being called to the job interview

How do resume selection program work? Before calling a candidate to a job interview, the professionals in charge of selecting the resumes, inspect the documents intensively and/or selectively. They’re only interested in those documents that have what they are looking for; understanding how the procedure works might help you have a better perspective of how … Read more

Do you have the profile companies look for

Do you have the profile companies look for? Have you ever let a job opportunity slip by because you thought that you weren’t what the company needed? It’s possible that you felt the requirements were far beyond your abilities, despite how attracted you were for the position; did you ever ask yourself what could have … Read more

Putting the age in the resume

Resume: In some countries you don’t have to put your age Age Discrimination is a very worrying subject in many places of the world. Especially if we see it from a perspective where the possibilities of people who are older (or younger) could be prejudiced. In some countries, mainly European and industrialized ones –and with … Read more

Basic Resume formats

The Basic Resume Types Before starting to create a resume it’s important that you know that there are different formats to them and therefore different options for you to use depending on the job you’re applying to. There are basically three resume formats: chronological, functional and a combination of them both. Their main difference is … Read more