Resume Cover Letter Template 01

Example of Resume Cover Letter template for professional translator Here is a downloadable and editable example to develop your Resume Cover Letter or to take it as a general reference, when you are preparing the letter that accompany your resume and to be sent with the resume when you are applying for an employment. Download … Read more

Follow Up after the interview

Follow Up after the interview: Increase your chances of being hired Congratulations! You’ve finished the interview process and you are now anxiously waiting for that phone call or e-mail. What to do while waiting for the job offer? Well, every company has different timings to make the final decision; that’s why it’s important for you … Read more

Recommendation Letter for Customer Service

Free sample of Recommendation Letter for Customer Service Here you will find a sample letter of “reference or recommendation letter” downloadable and editable with which you can develop and prepare your own letter of recommendation for Costumer Service. Remember You must ask for it when you leave any job, to be ready for presented when you … Read more

Who doesn’t need a recommendation letter?

Who doesn’t need a recommendation letter? Is there a time when recommendations letters become dispensable? In this exact moment there are thousands of people looking for a job, handing résumés or trying to make an impression. There are times in our lives when we think we don’t need anything else to be employed, we think … Read more