Typical summer jobs

Typical summer jobs Find out what the typical summer jobs are for: students, 45+ professionals, teenagers, retirees and unemployed people. When thinking about summer jobs, it’s easy to believe that they are made exclusively for young people that want to make extra cash, and that the offers are very limited in areas that seem kind … Read more

Professions with no language?

Are there professions with no language? What are they? Searching for a job without speaking its language can be one of the most frustrating experiences that a person can live throughout its work life. The situation could get even worse if the job hunt continues without being able to have an effective communication, impacting directly … Read more

Advantages of hiring someone over 45

Advantages & Reasons of hiring someone over 45 years old People over 45 years that are currently unemployed face a hard time when it comes to finding a job. It’s not news to us that young people are preferred when recruiting staff. However, people over 45 have distinguishing features that make them extremely valuable and … Read more

After the holidays is the time to find a job!

Jobs that are looking for employees after the holidays This is the time to find a job! The beginning of the year can be a fresh start for you as a worker, and for many companies too. After the year ends companies make their general balances, they plan new ideas, develop new visions, and also … Read more

Job Opportunities after the holidays

Make the most out of the end of the festivities The end of the year gets closer, and the crowds start to show up everywhere. The sales in food, clothing and gifts tend to increase. Generally the amount of workers hired during the year aren’t enough with so much consumption, in order to keep a … Read more